Vanessa Hudgens In Bikini Eats 'Cotton Candy Grapes'

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As far as Vanessa Hudgens is concerned, anytime is the perfect time to share bikini photos! It doesn't matter that everyone's in fall mode or winter; if she looks good, she will post, and we love that. Last September, the actress shared some images from her summer vacay with friends on the gram. After reading this, the images featured a very sexy Vanessa and an unusual snack you'll want to try.

Too Good For Hiding

"Well, I'm in full fall mode BUT just got some film developed, and these are too good not to post," she wrote. "So, here we are," deep into fall but enjoying the summer goodness that's Vanessa Hudgens. She wore a leopard print bikini with string pants and a triangle-shaped bra.

The Princess Switch actress leaned on the white pool edge as she looked up to catch the sun's ray. The pose is perfect because the light reflection makes the pool appear bluer, and her skin glows brighter.

See the post below.

A Special Dessert

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What's the best way to enjoy pool time? With friends and cotton candy grapes, we'll tell you – as we learned from Vanessa Hudgens. The camera captures the Second Act actress with four male friends, including Vince Rossi, enjoying a cold dessert of cotton candy grapes.

The consensus in her comment section showed the dessert is a fan favorite. So, if you've not tried them, why are you still waiting?

More Bathing Suit Shots, Please

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Like she could hear our pleas, Vanessa gave us another angle of the leopard print bikini. This time, we get a side profile arch flaunting her rib cage tattoo as she catches more sun rays. Vanessa angles her neck upwards, slightly parting her lips as the sun kisses her glistening wet hair and amber-colored glasses.

This picture marks the end of her Summer throwback but you can see more on her Instagram page.

Animal Prints? Yes

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Before the cotton-candied grapes trio, Vanessa Hudgens shared another animal print bikini shot on the gram. The two-piece bathing suit had a zebra print bra and lime green pants. The pop of color suits her style perfectly as she tied her brunette hair in a bold bun and completed the look with dark black sunshades, double necklaces, and a belly ring.

The actress wished her followers a "Happy Weekend" and got positive replies in return. Someone in the comment asked, "Dude, how tf is there a human this gorgeous?!" Honestly, we're asking the same question. If you find the answer, please let us know.