Noah Cyrus In Bikini Thanks Orville Peck For "Saving My Life"

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Chisom Ndianefo

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBAS, thank you for saving my life this past year…!" Did reading that give you butterflies? We bet it did because Noah Cyrus laid the PDA on thick in her heartwarming birthday message to rumored boo Orville Peck. The 22-year-old singer has been on cloud nine all through the New Year weekend thanks to an electrifying performance with her big sister Miley Cyrus at the NBC's NYE Party last Friday. Still reeling from the past week's festivities, Noah took to her Instagram to celebrate another significant figure in her life – the Canadian masked singer Peck.

Expressing Pride And Excitement

The young Cyrus further thanked Peck for being "one of the most reliable, trustworthy, and pure hearted humans" she may have met in her life. She continued saying how proud she was of the anonymous artist and excited for the new year's blessings. According to Noah, the masked musician has new projects coming our way this year, and we're not ready for the awesomeness we'll experience.

At the climax of the tribute, Noah expressed gratitude for his non-judgmental nature and for being a good friend. "I live for our nights filled with our life talks, laughing till our stomachs hurt, spilling all the live tea, and doing full-on live shows in our living rooms," she wrote.

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Mirror Selfie In Cowboy Hats

The pictures accompanying the lengthy caption complete the story for curious readers because you can feel the love and excitement radiating through the screen. Noah dons a skimpy bikini top and covers her long black hair in a navy blue cowboy hat in the cover post. Orville stays in character, hiding his face behind a black and pink leather fringe mask. He follows Noah's lead and covers his hair in a white cowboy hat while wearing a green short-sleeve polo shirt.

Partying It Up In The Club

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In another picture, Noah and Peck snap a shot in the club. Noah wears a white crop top and denim bottoms as she ties her long black hair in a center-part braid. She poses behind Peck, wearing his signature fringe mask in a powder blue shade and a silver ornate cowboy hat. He matches Noah in a sleeveless vest though we can't see his lower body from the half-shot.

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Twinning At The Lakers' Game

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The cute couple turns up the cuteness as they wear coordinated outfits to watch a Lakers' game. Whereas Peck wears a Gold fringe mask, with a Gold ornate cowboy hat, purple Lakers' jersey, and a gold-embroidered purple blazer, Noah remixes her outfit. She wears a black-on-black jacket and hoodie combo, covers her face in a black nose mask, then completes the look with a purple and yellow Lakers' face cap.

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