Kaley Cuoco Rocks A Cartoon Bathrobe For Early Morning Coffee


Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is back in her fluffy bathrobe - this one's got beer mugs all over it. The 35-year-old sitcom star and known coffee lover was back to guzzling the caffeine on camera this week, posting for her 7 million Instagram followers at 7:41 a.m.

Kaley, who is usually up and drinking her coffee anywhere between 4:30 a.m. and 6 a.m., might have had a bit of a lie-in, but The Flight Attendant star hadn't abandoned the usual setup - head towel, robe, quirky mug. Check it out below.


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Kaley's selfie, likely coming from her $12 million Hidden Hills mansion, showed her fresh-faced, makeup-free, and looking gorgeous. The Big Bang Theory alum, wearing a blue-and-yellow bathrobe covered in literal cartoon beer mugs, also sported a post-shower and white towel turban keeping her hair away from her face - she also shoved a rather adorable cartoon cat mug at the camera.

"TUESDAY 2 DAY" appeared in wavy, Friends font text at the top, with Kaley also reminding her fans it's butt cold out: 46 degrees, to be precise.

Morning Coffees Totally A Thing

Kaley, last year fronting Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks and kicking off her A Cup of Cuoco series on Instagram, now comes with fans basically expecting the bleary-eyed selfies - sometimes in video mode.

“I love coffee in general, I go to bed at night just thinking of what my cup will be like in the morning, what mug I will choose, how the frothed milk will make me feel,” Kaley told Us Weekly. The actress even named a $210 Nespresso machine as one of the 10 items she can't live without this year.

'First Thing' She Does In The Morning

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Continuing, the star revealed: "The first thing I do I wake up in the morning is I turn it on. I like the smell. I like the whole process. It’s just part of my routine. I can’t even think of a morning where I haven’t had a cup or where I’ve missed it. I don’t forget to have a cup.”

As to heat, Kaley has her preferences. She actually takes her coffee so hot, it burns her windpipe. “It has to burn my esophagus,” she told the media outlet.

Wellness All-Around

2021, bringing the news that HBO Max series The Flight Attendant is being renewed for a second season, has also brought $$$ for Kaley via her Olly partnership. The blonde is now a brand ambassador for wellness gummies company Olly, joining the likes of actresses Rebel Wilson and Skai Jackson.

Kaley doesn't endorse brands she doesn't believe in, and she's so far promoted both Happy Hoo Ha and Miss Mellow from Olly amid wider company promos on her Instagram. Check out her feed for more.