Buccaneers QB Tom Brady Gives Major Update On Injury

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JB Baruelo

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is undeniably one of the most durable players in the NFL, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't suffer from injuries. Though they recently had a dominant 45-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday night, Jenna Laine of ESPN revealed that Brady was experiencing some discomfort during the game.

With two and a half minutes left in the first half, the veteran quarterback reportedly injured his right thumb after hitting his hand on the helmet of a defender.

Tom Brady Reveals Status Of Injured Thumb

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Instead of resting, Brady chose to continue playing and help the Buccaneers get their fourth win in the 2021 NFL season. When he spoke to the media on Tuesday, some people noticed that Brady had tape on his thumb and wrist. Brady admitted that his thumb is still "a little bit sore," but he added that there's nothing serious about his injury.

The veteran quarterback is still feeling some discomfort, but he's expecting himself to be available when the Buccaneers face the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night.

Tom Brady Not Blaming Anyone On Injury

Despite going through pain and discomfort in their game against the Dolphins, Brady wasn't blaming anyone for his thumb injury. The veteran quarterback said that what happened to him is just part of the game.

"This is just, you play a game, you get hit -- you deal with bumps and bruises over the course of the year. It just so happens that this bruise is on my hand," Brady said. "I'm just trying to be preventative and precautious and be smart -- it's been less than 48 hours since it happened -- so it's not like it's had five or six days to do its thing."

Mike Evans Unaware Of Tom Brady's Injury

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The reports about Brady's injury during their game against the Dolphins came as a surprise even to his own teammates such as Buccaneers veteran wide receiver Mike Evans. Evans revealed that he was unaware of Brady's thumb injury since he just looked "normal" when they were playing on Sunday night.

"I didn't [know]," Evans said. "But he's a tough guy obviously, one of the most durable players we've seen. He looked normal to me, so I didn't know he was injured."

Tom Brady Doesn't Want To Underestimate Eagles

After beating more formidable teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Rams, and the Miami Dolphins, most people believe that Brady and the Buccaneers wouldn't have a hard time securing another victory when they go up against the Eagles on Thursday night. However, despite being considered the heavy favorites to win the game, Brady doesn't want to be overconfident.

Though they currently have a much better record, Brady said that the Eagles' defense isn't something that the Buccaneers should underestimate. The veteran quarterback even called the Eagles a "very dangerous football team."