Gymnast Nastia Liukin Unzipped In 80-Degree Leather

Nastia Liukin close up

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin is unzipped in leather while hitting up a desert in 80-degree heat. The 31-year-old five-time Olympic medalist, fresh from ushering a Hot Girl Summer 2021 in skimpy Daisy Dukes, has left her Dallas, TX home for even more sun, with Monday seeing Nastia touch down in Palm Springs, CA. The 2008 all-around champion's 1 million Instagram followers were, as usual, invited along for the ride, with Liukin showing a little tongue as she enjoyed the start of a well-earned break.

Ditching Texas

Scroll for the action. Nastia, who was born in Russia and left for the U.S. as a child, has been making travel headlines this year already, with the 12th annual Nastia Cup last month taking the blonde beauty to Indiana. Seemingly in the mood for a little West Coast spirit, Nastia updated via her stories today and with her head of content, operations, and strategy, Jillian Dodderer.

The video showed two ladies ready to have fun and Nastia channeling her fashionista edge as usual.

See Her Unzipped!

All smiles as she dragged a suitcase behind her while backed by blue skies and palms, Nastia sent out her best smile in selfie mode, showing off her trim frame in a white top and edgy leather biker jacket worn unzipped. The weather today in Palm Springs was a perfect 80 degrees.

Nastia, wearing hoop earrings and shades, stuck out her tongue as the camera took in the arrival, writing: "Hi Palms Springs." Nastia hasn't confirmed why she's out West. See the video and her killer bikini body below.

Scroll For Her Bikini Body!

Nastia and friend in Palm Springs

Nastia is fresh from a new career win, and one that has nothing to do with gymnastics. She's now the face of home retailer Pottery Barn, this month telling Architectural Digest: “I have owned homes and lived in so many different places, but this is kind of the first place that has truly felt like home." Pottery Barn has kitted out Nastia's entire home.

Liukin comes with a business edge, one seeing her retail a $55 Celery Green Cream alongside running her The Muse Empowerment Collective, with a dog care brand in the works. See more photos after the bikini body.


Nastia, who has promoted Olay skincare, plus clothing brand Revolve amid others, has spoken out on influencing, something she's a regular at.

 “At the beginning of this whole influencer world, I felt that people were almost ashamed to be considered one. I respect all of the influencers because they're creating their own businesses themselves, with their own hands. And they're extremely hardworking," she told Forbes

Nastia is also gearing up for the launch of her Harley & Me dog care brand. Watch this space.