Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles Flaunts Her Perfect Bikini Body In New Snap

Simone Biles poses at an event.
Gettyimages | Craig Barritt

Simone Biles may not be representing the United States in the Olympics anymore, but her latest revealing picture showed that she's still spending plenty of time in the gym.

The U.S. Olympic gymnast took to Instagram to share a series of revealing snaps that showed off her bikini body, garnering a big reaction from her fans. The images showed Biles relaxing on the beach, holding up a frosty drink while rocking a tiny swimsuit and showing off her very well-toned body. 

Biles Had Fun In The Sand

Simone Biles poses with gold medals.
Gettyimages | Laurence Griffiths

The image, which can be seen below, showed Biles rocking a blue string bikini as she lounged on the sand. The picture was taken from up close, framing her from the waist up and giving followers a good look at her well-toned arms and washboard abs. 

With her dark braided hair spilling over her shoulders and onto her chest, Biles cracked a slight smile in the first image. In the second, she held a plastic cup with a frozen yellow drink in front of the beautiful beach.

Biles has taken to Instagram to share some other images from the tropical trip this week.

Biles Has Garnered Other Attention

Simone Biles speaks at an event.
Gettyimages | Craig Barritt

Even before she went viral with the bikini snap, Biles has been in the spotlight in recent weeks. As the Today show noted, she spoke out last month after ESPN's SportsCenter tweeted an image showing the GOATs of their respective sports -- including Muhammad Ali, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Tiger Woods. The men posed together in a stadium that was filled with actual goats. 

The picture attracted some viral interest, but the gold-medal winning Biles had an observation about what she saw as a lack of proper representation. 

Biles Speaks Up For Women

Simone Biles performs a gymnastics routine.
Gettyimages | Laurence Griffiths

As the report noted, Biles believed that more women should have been included in the representation of history's most famous athletes.

“There are so many women I can think of that belong in this photo yet there are none,” she tweeted at the time. 

Others agreed with her point, with some criticizing the sports news outlet for sharing the picture that showed actual living goats instead of including some famous female athletes like Serena Williams.

Picture Was A Viral Hit

Simone Biles appears at a charity event.
Gettyimages | Craig Barritt

The snap that Biles shared this weekend was a big hit with her fans, racking up more than 70,000 likes in just a few hours after being posted. Many of her followers took to the comments section to share their praise, with many wowed at her amazing body.

"Its the washboard stomach for me," one person wrote, adding a heart emoji.

"Absolutely stunning!!! Wow!! Breathtaking beauty inside and out!!!" one fan wrote, ending the comment by wishing her a happy early birthday. Biles turns 24 on March 14.