January 28, 2021
'Batwoman' Star Javicia Leslie Works Her Booty In A Bikini & Uses A Louis Vuitton Purse As Weight

Batwoman star Javicia Leslie sweated it out in a scenic setting while going scantily clad in a swimsuit. The actress took to Instagram this week to share some throwback footage of a workout that involved using a designer handbag in a creative way.

Javicia, 33, is currently in Canada filming her superhero series for The CW, and she revealed that the cold weather there has her reminiscing about time spent in a much warmer location. She gave her followers a better idea of what she was daydreaming about by treating them to a video filmed during a tropical getaway. In the footage, she was clad in an orange bikini. Her top was a bralette with a revealing cutout on the front that exposed an eyeful of underboob. Her matching bottoms had a cheeky style that bared her buns of steel. She completed her beach-ready look with an anklet, a bat pendant necklace, and a pair of clear cat-eye sunglasses. Her dark hair was pulled back in a practical ponytail.

Javicia was filmed on a balcony with a wood floor and bamboo railing. It was covered by thatched roof with an overhang that swayed in the breeze. The balcony provided a stunning view of tall palm trees, a beach, and the sparkling sea. Even though she was on vacation, the actress demonstrated her dedication to staying fit by performing a few exercises. Her brief workout gave her viewers some idea of what she does to look so amazing in the skintight batsuit that she slipped into after Ruby Rose exited Batwoman last year.

Javicia began by working her glutes. While on her hands and knees, she straightened one leg and raised it up high to do a kneeling leg lift. She then lowered it back down so that it was level with her torso and kicked it out to the side, keeping it straight. Her next move was a donkey kick, which involved keeping her knee bent while lifting her quad up. When she brought her leg back down, she didn't let her knee hit the ground before executing another rep.

Next, Javicia targeted her abs by doing a unique variation of the Russian twist. She crossed her ankles, lifted her legs up with her knees bent, and leaned back. She held a large Louis Vuitton purse with both hands and lifted it up high above her head. She then twisted to one side, bringing the bag back down and tapping it on the ground. She repeated the move on the opposite side.

While interacting with her fans in the comments section, Javicia explained that she was working out with her handbag because it was all she had on hand to use as a weight. She also revealed that it was heftier than it looked.

"I added so many water bottles to make it heavy lol," she wrote.