January 24, 2021
Barbie Blank Flaunts Her Perfect Figure In Burgundy Two-Piece While Combing Her Hair

Barbie Blank, who used to wrestle as Kelly Kelly in WWE, took to Instagram on Sunday, January 24, and treated her 1.2 million followers to a glamorous video upload. The model looked stunning as groomed herself in front of the camera, much to the delight of her fans on the image-sharing platform.

The video showed the blond bombshell in her garden on a sunny day, brushing her long hair with a silver comb. Blank started off by stroking the right side of her head with the brush, before moving on to the opposite side and finally ending the clip with a pout into the camera.

For her outfit, she opted for a burgundy two-piece swimsuit with a white-and-black Pretty Little Things brand logo shown in the center. The attire showed off Blank's toned stomach, legs and an ample amount of cleavage as well.

Blank topped off the get-up with a white shirt and a pair of glasses, both of which gave a lighter counterbalance to the darker shade of her swimwear. However, every piece of her ensemble went together perfectly, and the former wrestler's fans were more than happy with her stylish fashion choice for the occasion.

The model's clip received over 14,000 views and 5,000 likes within two hours of being uploaded to the social media platform. Some of Blank's admirers and peers also flocked to the comments section to give her compliments and praise the photo.

"You are very beautiful," wrote one Instagram user.

"You look absolutely gorgeous," wrote a second Instagrammer.

"[Two] of the best things that I've ever done was: 1. Followed you here on IG and 2. Turned on your lit post notifications," stated a third Instagram user.

"That's some series hair brushing technique," noted a fourth Instagrammer.

These types of sentiments were echoed throughout the replies section. Blank is known for lighting up her social media with sultry snaps, however, and they always go down a treat with her admirers.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, the former wrestler took to the aforementioned image-sharing platform earlier this week and shared a clip of her walking on a roof, wearing only tiny shorts, a see-through bra and a leather jacket.

The blond babe also celebrated her birthday last week, and she did so in a scantily-clad outfit. As The Inquisitr pointed out, she shared a pic of her wearing a one-piece bodysuit and suspenders with her followers, which has since gained thousands of likes and comments.