Daisy Keech Cradles Peaches While Topless And Shows Off Her Peachy Booty

Model Daisy Keech left little of her fantastic physique to the imagination while posing with a juicy fruit that rhymes with her surname, and she took a few bites out of its fuzzy flesh.

The influencer took to Instagram on Thursday to announce her new 14-day detox program, and she used her own fit figure to convince her 5.5 million followers to give it try. Daisy, 21, included three pictures in her post. In each of them, she wore an animal-print bikini. Its pattern consisted of inky black spots on a base that was shades of brown and tan.

In her first photo, the fitness influencer went topless yet again, wearing only her adjustable thong bottoms. They featured a unique string design that only tied on one side. The scanty front was scrunched in to provide even less coverage, and it was slung down low on her taut torso.

Daisy crossed her arms in front of her bare chest. She held a peach in each hand, and she used them to partially cover up her perky chest. She cradled a third fruit against her body by balancing it on her crossed wrists.

She accessorized with layered gold chain necklaces. The longer of the two included a medallion, but it was mostly hidden behind the healthy snack snuggled in her cleavage. Her other bling consisted of a few rings, a single gold bangle, and multiple small earrings.

Daisy stood with her body facing the camera, but she looked away from the camera. Her legs were spaced apart, accentuating her thigh gap and the curves of her hips. Their swells sharply contrasted with the shape of her whittled wasp waist.

She initially wore her blond hair down in soft waves, but she had used a claw clip to pull it up for her second photo. She also changed her position drastically, getting down on her stomach on the edge of a pool. This provided a peek at her pert posterior. She had her top on, revealing that it featured a strappy design with halter ties and strings that wrapped around her midsection multiple times. She was photographed holding one of her peaches up to her open mouth.

Daisy's final photo was a shot of her body from the back. It included a full view of her bared buns. In her right hand, she held a peach with a few bites taken out of it. Her left hand was placed against the side of her corresponding butt cheek.

"Just made this my screen saver OMG," read one message left in the comments section of her post.

"God was probably just showing off by creating someone like you," another fan chimed in.

"Daisy Keech?? More like Daisy Peach," a third admirer quipped.