Kate Beckinsale Spreads Her Legs In Tight Pants And High-Heeled Boots, Tries To Put Her Head Between Them

Shawna Cory

Kate Beckinsale delighted her 4.5 million followers with a comical display of flexibility — or lack thereof — during her most recent Instagram update. Hilarity ensued during the video as she sprawled on the floor next to her beloved cat, Clive, and attempted to mimic his exceptionally limber grooming habits.

Kate's amusing caption suggested that she had high hopes for increasing her acrobatic abilities to Clive's level by the end of the COVID-19 quarantine.

They sat on a large gray rug that extended many feet out from below an ornately carved, four-poster bed to their right. Clive's feline companion, Willow, was dressed in a red sweater and overlooked the scene from atop a plush white comforter.

The 47-year-old actress wore black leggings that clung to her slender figure, and a matching pair of knee-high suede boots featuring platform soles and extremely high heels. Her white top fit loosely, with a rounded neckline and cuffed wrists, and appeared to have a banded hem at the waist. The bottoms of both sleeves were embellished with small red hearts.

She also wore a cotton mask covering her nose and mouth that was printed with the lower half of a tiger face. Her long, thick tresses were pulled into a messy topknot at the crown of her head.

Kate faced the camera and lifted one leg high into the air, at one point propping her foot against the bedpost next to her. She changed positions frequently, often looking to the cat for guidance as she mimed his licking action and jokingly tried to recreate his poses.

The majority of her social media followers showered the award-winning actress with praise. Several commended her for keeping their spirits up during the pandemic with her funny posts.

"And this is the laugh I've been looking for all day. Thank you. Carry on," one fan declared.

As she often does, Kate cleverly clapped back at a few of the viewers who had less-than-positive comments regarding the share.

"Wearing a mask in your own house makes you look stupid," one follower remarked snidely.

"But attempting to lick my own anus doesn't?" Kate replied cheekily.

She also explained to another person who criticized her accessory that she was wearing the cat mask to make Clive feel "less self-conscious," suggesting that they "relax."