Katelyn Runck Drops Her Shoulder Straps To Accentuate Incredible Cleavage

Katelyn Runck poses for a photograph
Courtesy Photo

Katelyn Runck rocked Instagram with her statuesque beauty on Sunday, November 22 with a sensuous new slideshow. In the multi-pic update, the 29-year-old fitness maven provided her 2.4 million followers on the platform with a stunning view of her incredible cleavage as she dropped the shoulder straps of her summer dress.

The nearly skintight garment further aided Runck in raising the proverbial temperature of her timeline by accentuating the gym-honed curves of her taut, muscular physique.

Runck captioned the pictorial by crediting LHGFX Photography for the snapshots. She also mentioned using her Sunday to create a week’s worth of content. If the fan response to her upload was any indication, she had clearly made the most of the day.

In less than an hour after her update had been posted, it quickly approached the 7,000-like mark. Meanwhile, the comments section was filled with hundreds of replies praising the alluring presentation.

“Looking so beautiful like always,” wrote one avid supporter. “Amazing perfection unbelievable.”

“Great model,” appraised a second commenter. “Every day bringing joy to my life.”

“Katelyn, you have a way of brightening any day.” shared a third follower. “Beauty, strength and grace!”

“When you’re thirsty and she’s both the cause and the remedy,” joked a fourth fan.

The first photo in the series found Runck standing tall beside a short brick wall with a smattering of vegetation and trees providing green flourishes all around her. A blast of sunlight behind her added an impressive glow to the outline of her olive-hued skin. With her dark eyes locked onto the camera’s lens, she held clutched a Starbucks cup with one hand while the other grasped a clear salad bowl.

Runck’s dress was emblazoned with an intricate red-and-white pattern. The airy garment appeared to be buttoned down the middle between a plunging neckline and a frilled-edge skirt. As her shoulder straps had drifted down to her upper biceps, the top half of her ample bosom and the sizable divide between her breasts were prominently displayed in the shot.

The second picture looked to have been taken from a wider angle. As a result, the entirety of Runck’s frame was visible as she bent one knee upward and curled the corresponding foot around her calf on the opposite side. The trees and shrubbery in the background were also shown with greater clarity, although the model made it difficult to look beyond her in the shot.

As with the first photo, Runck’s dress did well to accentuate her figure in addition to allowing for a sizable showing of skin.

Just a few days prior to posting her slideshow, Runck provided another striking visual for her fans and followers, appearing in a skintight ensemble that evoked serious Star Wars vibes due to its stormtrooper-like color scheme.