Jojo Babie Showcases Stunning Underboob & Buxom Booty In Skintight Sportswear

Social media personality and model Jojo Babie returned to Instagram with a sultry, new share for her 10.3 million followers on the platform to enjoy. In the photo update, which made its debut on Saturday, the 32-year-old ignited her timeline with a tempting display of underboob in a hot pink top that struggled to contain her considerable attributes.

The side-view shot also allowed for an impressive presentation of Babie's thick and curvy midsection, as she rocked a pair of black yoga shorts that perfectly conformed to her sturdy hips and cheeky assets.

Babie used the post's caption to tease having some kind of secret before directing her admirers to the biographical section of her profile. In addition to proclaiming herself to be "your favorite Asian girl" in said bio, she also offered them avenues to check out more of her premium, exclusive content.

In the meantime, a significant portion of her fanbase had clearly been taken aback by the sneak preview she offered with her latest snap. Less than 30 minutes after it had gone live, the picture had inspired hundreds of replies in the comments section. Moreover, the sexy share racked up an impressive 9,000-plus likes over the same time frame.

"OMG," exclaimed one user.

"Such a beautiful goddess."
"I'm sure you have many secrets," wrote a second commenter, who referenced the caption.
"However, you are absolutely gorgeous."
"What secret, I see your underboob," added a third follower.

"What beautiful buttocks you have, Jojo," read a fourth reply, as translated from Spanish to English via Google.

Babie looked to have been snapped amid a series of pillars while posing provocatively on a concrete structure of some kind. Between those pillars, blasts of bright natural light filled the frame behind her, providing a high level of contrast against her sinuous body, its caramel-hued skin and the intensely colored sportswear that she wore.

With her right palm grasping at her forehead and her left hand resting against one of the pillars, the Kansas girl peered directly into the camera's lens. As she did so, her eyelids were slightly constricted, her plump, pink-hued lips were parted and her flowing, light brown mane blanketed her shoulder and bosom on the far side.

Babie's ample assets were practically spilling out of the underside of her hot pink tank top, which did not extend beyond her mid-bustline. Meanwhile, the model's skintight shorts and sideways stance allowed the sharp curve created by her shapely buns to be prominently displayed at the lower edge of the frame.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Babie began the weekend by posting another fetching photo in which she showcased her ample cleavage in a barely there bikini.