Yanet Garcia Shows Off Peachy Booty Wearing Skintight Mini Dress

Mexican television host and fitness model Yanet Garcia helped get her 13.5 million Instagram followers in a festive mood with her most recent update on Tuesday afternoon. In the new snap, she posed on a high-rise balcony in Beverly Hills, California next to a couple of pumpkins and noted in the caption that Halloween is just around the corner.

The petite brunette showed off her killer assets wearing a skintight dress in a seasonally appropriate shade, and over 41,000 fans liked the post in less than an hour after it was uploaded.

Yanet's outfit was a deep orange-red color and clung to her enviable physique. It featured a stretchy fabric with a narrow, vertical ribbing that pulled taut against her rounded backside. It had a low back that was cut straight across below her shoulder blades and slender cap sleeves encircling her upper arms. Her shapely thighs were put on full display by the short hem, which barely covered her rear end.

She also wore a pair of low-cut white sneakers. They had red embellishments at the heels and green and red stripes with gold accents on the outsides.

Yanet stood on a glass-walled balcony lined on both the inside and out with steel beams, and topped with a matching railing on which she rested both palms. She balanced most of her weight on her right foot, which stood on tiptoe on the inner railing, with her heel upon a large pumpkin sitting on the ground in the very corner of the balcony. Her other knee was bent, and she lightly rested the bottom of her shoe against the gourd, next to the other foot.

A second, much smaller pumpkin had been placed on the steel ledge next to the first. It was difficult to discern, but an object that appeared to be a wrapped smudge stick — traditionally used to cleanse the energy of a space — was set diagonally next to her left foot.

Her back was arched to emphasize the swell of her derriere in comparison with her slender waist. She locked her elbows in the pose, and let her left shoulder rise up past her chin. Most of Yanet's profile was visible, however, and was framed by a spill of golden brown tresses that were swept behind her shoulder and over to one side.

A busy city scene made up the background directly below, and the tiny appearance of the vehicles indicated the high elevation at which the photograph was taken.