Noah Cyrus Exposes Sideboob In Sexy Fishnet Top

Pop singer Noah Cyrus got hearts racing on Instagram on Wednesday when she posted a photo of herself in a revealing fishnet top that left little to the imagination.

In the pic, Noah stood with her right shoulder to the camera as she slyly cast a glance to the viewer. Her long, straight black hair extended past her shoulders and her eyebrows were done perfectly. A glimpse of something in the region of her left ear appeared to be a hoop earring. Offscreen, a lighting device bathed the entire scene in a red glow.

However, the real draw of the image was her garment. A sexy fishnet top with dangling jewel accents barely covered her assets. The garment certainly threatened to violate Instagram's nudity guidelines, though its thin stringy design fell in all of the right places to ensure the photo abided by the social media site's rules. It also afforded a glimpse at her taut stomach and toned arm.

Noah kept the caption simple, choosing to only post an emoji, which may have been a reference to the design of her top. However, as Halloween is coming up, she could have been giving a shoutout to the spooky holiday as well.

The post proved to be incredibly popular, raking in just over 181,000 likes in only a few hours. It has also earned lots of love in the comments section from her fans and her fellow celebrities.

For example, pop star Demi Lovato left three flame emoji to express her feelings about the snap. Similarly, several other fans limited their comments to just emoticons.

Another user suggested the pic was far too hot for either of Noah's more well-known exes.

"Lil xan and smoke purp wouldn't even know what to do with this," they quipped.

"Damn girl, you look amazing," a third admirer wrote.

This new snap came just one day after the singer posted a photo on Instagram celebrating the two year anniversary of her first EP release, "Good Cry." In that caption, Noah talked about her ongoing battle with depression and the pressures she faced growing up in the public eye.

"when it comes to your mental health and personal battles. not every day is going to be hell and not every day is going to be perfect," she wrote.

That post proved to be popular as well, earning more than 142,000 likes and almost 1,000 comments from her 5.8 million followers.