Lauren Simpson Shows Off Chiseled Physique In Thong Bikini For New Workout Videos

Lauren Simpson takes a mirror selfie in a gray top.
Lauren Simpson / Instagram

Fitness model Lauren Simpson posted a new workout video series to popular social media platform Instagram on Thursday, September 10, in which she flaunted her chiseled physique in a thong bikini.

The fitness trainer wore a coral-colored two-piece bathing suit that was covered in glitzy sequins. The top included strings securing it around Lauren’s neck and back. The material in the front pushed up on her busty chest and showed off her cleavage. The thong bottoms dipped low on Lauren’s pelvis, giving viewers an eyeful of her sculpted abdomen while leaving her gym-honed backside completely exposed. Her muscular legs and arms were also left on display.

Lauren went barefoot for the workout and tied her long, blond hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of her face during the exercises.

The training session took place at Bronte Beach, according to the geotag on the post. Lauren used a booty band for extra resistance during some of the moves and relied on body weight for the rest. She worked her glutes, hamstrings, and quads with six exercises, each separated into an individual clip.

The model began with table top hip thrusts to leg extension. Positioning her body in a table top, Lauren dipped her hips and then pushed them up while bringing one leg at a time in toward her chest and back out. The second move was the good morning to reverse lunge. Lauren bent over and then extended one leg out behind her into a lunge, alternating sides.

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The third move was the skater squat. With the band wrapped around her thighs, Lauren placed one foot out behind her and then kneeled, repeating the movement multiple times. She followed up with a set of reverse lunges to RDL, also using the band for adding resistance. The fifth slide featured the donkey kick, which was performed on all fours on the sand, while the final exercise was the kickback crossover.

In the caption of the post, Lauren instructed her followers to complete between three and four rounds of 12 to 15 reps each. She also advertised her coaching programs, which her followers can find through a link in her bio. She offers both gym and home programs in addition to nutrition guidance.

The fitness trainer’s most recent post earned a couple of thousand likes and a few dozen comments within the first hour. Her fans expressed their love for Lauren and her workouts in the comments section.