September 8, 2020
'Selling Sunset' Star Amanza Smith Suffers Third-Degree Burns From A Disastrous Churro-Making Incident

Selling Sunset star Amanza Smith is taking a break from cooking churros after a disastrous incident left her suffering from third-degree burns. She told Page Six that her right arm looked "like a mummy," after her hospital stay. According to the outlet, Smith was hospitalized for almost two weeks.

She and her daughter Noah were making the sweet treats when hot grease "just exploded out of the pan." A significant amount of hot oil soaked everything from her hand to her upper arm. Luckily, it does not seem like her daughter was hit in the crossfire.

"It was crazy," Smith recalled. "It looked like something out of an alien movie. So I went to the burn unit at USC and they did a crazy, painful procedure and I was in bed for like a week."

Smith, who has two children, said that her experience with the burns was by far more painful than childbirth. Based on what she told Page Six, the treatment may have hurt more than the actual injury.

"What they have to do to treat it, it's the most painful thing I've ever felt in my entire life," she said.

According to the Burn Center at UW Health, third-degree burns are those that penetrate both the outer and inner layers of skin, which means they can potentially affect the muscles and bone beneath.

Treatment typically involves skin grafting. Small injuries can potentially heal on their own, but if they are larger than a "fifty-cent piece" it "must be grafted or it will not heal."

Amanza Smith attends the 2017 Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall
Getty Images | Bryan Bedder

Thankfully, Smith is finally beginning to feel normal against after her hospitalization. However, she added that she has zero plans to make more churros in the future.

During her treatment, Smith said the nurses attempted to distract her from the pain and make conversation by asking about the sweet treat. They wondered if, after all the drama, the Mexican dessert had at least tasted good and whether she would make more when she was released.

"I was like, 'OK, can somebody please stop saying the word churros?' I never want to see another churro again," she told Page Six.

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