July 2, 2020
Eriana Blanco Showcases Hourglass Figure In Sexy Lingerie

Eriana Blanco has been tantalizing her 3.1 million Instagram followers lately with her flirty snaps, and in her most recent share from today, she put her incredible hourglass figure on show. She rocked a sexy, mismatched lingerie set that included a lacy light yellow bra and tiny black thong bottoms.

She stood in a white room and crossed her right leg in front. She raised her left hand and placed it on her hair by her shoulder, and left her other hand by her side. The stunner also turned her head slightly to the right and pouted flirtatiously.

Eriana's bra featured floral lace with scalloped edging that decorated her cleavage, and it allowed her to put her chest on display. Her bottoms had a very low waistline and dual straps that rested high on her hips.

Eriana wore her hair down in a heavy side part, and her long locks reached past her waist, falling on the side of her bare hip. She also rocked a heavy makeup application that looked to include long, dark lashes, dark purple eyeshadow, and silver highlights under her brows. She also seemed to rock dark pink blush and glossy, light pink lipstick. The model also wore her usual necklaces, along with a gold bracelet and a ring. The necklaces included a circular gold charm necklace and a shorter one with an eye-shaped dark gem and sparkling white gems on the border.

Her pose emphasized her tiny waist, and her deep tan was prominent. Not only that, but her muscular abs were also hard to miss.

The room was well-lit with a couple of different light sources on the right side of the frame, and the photographer may have used a flash to illuminate Eriana's glowing physique.

The share has racked up over 4,200 likes in the first 20 minutes since it went live. Although many of her fans were likely loving the update, they were unable to leave any compliments as Eriana disabled the comments section for unknown reasons.

In addition, the model shared another shot with her social media fans on June 8, that time rocking a pink tie-dye bikini with clear straps. The photo was cropped from her shoulders down to her hip, so the focus was entirely on her physique. The swimsuit left her cleavage on display as she stood facing the camera straight-on, tugging at her bottoms with her right hand. She stood in front of a blank wall for the sultry snap.