Blac Chyna Sizzles In A Racy Black Outfit, Promotes Her New Single 'Seen Her'

On Wednesday evening, Blac Chyna gave her fans a special treat with a new photo upload shared on her Instagram page. In the snap, the singer wore a racy black outfit with multiple tears, exposing her curvaceous form.

The 32-year-old's latest post was made to promote her new single, "Seen Her." She asked her fans to take pictures of themselves listening to her song and then tag her in the post or Instagram story.

While she did not use a geotag to indicate her specific location, Chyna appeared to pose in an outdoor parking lot, with several vehicles around her, including one man sitting on a motorcycle in the background. Considering the official music video for "Seen Her" showed the rapper in a similar setting, wearing the same ensemble she had rocked in the pic, it is likely that the photograph was taken while she was on set.

Chyna's outfit included a long-sleeved top with multiple cutouts along the chest, sides, and sleeves, revealing her sideboob, cleavage, and arms. Beneath her shirt was several inches of her toned midriff. She also wore a pair of skintight black pants, which settled just beneath her navel, flattering her thin waist. Her bottoms were fashionably ripped, much like her top, exposing her thick thighs and long legs.

Chyna's vibrant tattoos were mostly on display, including her ribcage art pieces along with the sizable graphics inked on the sides of her legs.

Aside from her stylish attire, the star wore her long, sleek hair straight, allowing her pastel pink and green locks to flow down her backside, long enough to reach her rear.

Chyna's makeup was expertly applied and appeared to include smoky eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, bronzer, and blush. She seemed to have filled in her plump lips with nude lipstick and applied false eyelashes as a finishing touch.

The singer's 16.3 million followers seemed to be impressed by her saucy new picture. Within an hour of going live, the post had garnered over 43,000 likes and more than 700 comments.

Dozens of users poured into Chyna's comments section to compliment her. Many of them used emoji to express their feelings instead of text.

"She's a whole stallion on god," wrote one fan, alongside a drooling and praise-hand emoji.

"All I want for Christmas is a body like yours," gushed another.

"When you have a biker meet up at 8, but get caught in a shredder at 7," a third user joked about her outfit.

Last month, The Inquisitr reported that Chyna had posed in a white bikini with a mesh covering while also promoting her single.