Instagram Model Sophia Diamond Bares Cleavage In Leopard-Print Bikini Top

Instagram star Sophia Diamond scintillated fans with a spicy outdoor snap for her latest upload. For the post, she was photographed on a sunny day sporting a tiny bikini top that accentuated her curves. She also asked followers to roast her.

The Canadian model has been flaunting her athletic figure on the social media platform in recent weeks and continued the trend with this eye-catching pic. Diamond was shot from the waist up as she looked down at the camera. Her mouth was slightly agape and she had a sultry look on her gorgeous face.

Diamond was surrounded by trees on the beautiful summer day, as the sky appeared cloudless and light blue. Her right arm hung by her side, while her left hand was lifted up to the lens to show her nails. She appeared to have two fingers painted pink, while the middle two looked covered in a clear polish. her lips looked bright red.

The social media influencer wore her wavy golden-blond hair parted in the middle and cascaded over her left shoulder and down her back. She sported a tight-fitting leopard-print bikini top that hugged onto her body and embellished her ample cleavage. The two sides of the top were connected by a hoop in the middle, and this left the center of her chest exposed. Diamond rocked a pair of plaid blue Victoria's Secret bottoms, and the ensemble offered fans a clear view of her toned stomach.

In the caption, Diamond asked fans to roast her, which caused a flurry of responses.

The model uploaded the snap on Tuesday afternoon for her 1.2 million Instagram followers, and many of them quickly flocked to the revealing photo. In just over an hour after going live, the snap earned more than 94,000 likes. Diamond had over 1,200 comments in that short time. Her replies were swamped with compliments, as several followers struggled to find any flaws in the Canadian beauty.

"I could take a professional photo shoot and still not come out this good," one fan commented.

"What am I supposed to roast?" another asked.

Diamond's comments section was also filled with responses from fans who tried their hand at roasting her.

"You should list your photoshop skills in your job resume," a follower wrote.

"Sorry can't roast plastic," another commented.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week Diamond showcased her insanely fit figure in a tiny yellow tank top and small shorts. She stood in front of a Tim Horton's coffee shop for the post.