Kelly Clarkson Jokes About Where She'd Be Naked If She Looked Like Heidi Klum During Coronavirus Conversation

Kelly Clarkson told Heidi Klum that she'd walk around naked somewhere that would probably get her in trouble if she looked like the blond model. During Friday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly chatted with Heidi and her fellow America's Got Talent judges. They discussed what it's been like filming the show amid the coronavirus pandemic, and Heidi also talked about her COVID-19 scare and finding a way to get her hair done while staying safe.

For her remote appearance on the show, Heidi, 47, rocked neon blue eyeshadow that received a compliment from Kelly, 38. Kelly also praised the model's figure in a hilarious way while Heidi was speaking about an Instagram photo that showed her getting her hair highlighted. In the shot, Heidi was wearing black lingerie, a face mask, and numerous foil pieces on her head. Her hairdresser, Lorenzo Martin, was rocking a mask, gloves, and an umbrella with holes cut in it. Lorenzo had his arms in the holes and was using the umbrella as a makeshift shield.

Kelly told Heidi that her photo was "so hot," which prompted the model to explain why she went to such great lengths to get her hair done. She stated that she's not a "real blond," and her dark roots had grown out quite a bit. However, she had a good reason to take every precaution while Lorenzo gave her tresses a touch-up.

"We have someone in the family who has an autoimmune disease, so we've been super careful from the very beginning," she said.

Heidi stated that she washed her hair herself, so all Lorenzo had to do was apply the dye. Kelly then moved on to talking about the significant amount of skin that wasn't covered up in Heidi's photo. This prompted Heidi to explain that she was clad in her undergarments because she didn't want to get any bleach on the outfit she'd been wearing. Kelly's response left Heidi and her co-judges — Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell, and Howie Mandel — in stitches.

"Girl, if I was rocking what you and Sofia had, I'd be walking around naked in a frozen food section," Kelly quipped.

"It's a beautiful thing," Kelly added. "God had great days when he made you," she added.

Earlier during the interview, Kelly and Heidi talked about the Making the Cut star's COVID-19 scare. Back in March, Heidi got so sick that she had to leave the America's Got Talent set. She feared that she had the coronavirus, and her husband, Tom Kaulitz, also eventually started feeling ill. The couple self-quarantined and stayed separated while they were sick.

Heidi told Kelly that it turned out that she didn't have the disease. However, she said that her experience was "strange" because nothing like that had ever happened to her before.

"I've never really been sick and been sent home, so I felt so bizarre," she said.