Bru Luccas Squats In A Bikini As Her Sister Does Pull-Ups On Her Arms

Pietra also rocked a skimpy bikini.

Bru Luccas takes a selfie with her sister Pietra.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Pietra also rocked a skimpy bikini.

Bru Luccas showed off her incredible strength in a workout video that she shared with her 3.1 million Instagram followers on Thursday. She also flaunted her bodacious backside as she helped her sister Pietra perform a difficult upper body exercise.

Bru and Pietra often make their workouts a family affair, and it’s not unusual for the two fit sisters to demonstrate exercises in skimpy swimwear. Their latest video was filmed beside a pool, but the women were never shown in the water. However, Bru’s long hair was soaking wet, indicating that she’d recently taken a dip. She wore her brunette locks pulled up in a ponytail.

The fitness enthusiast flaunted her phenomenal physique in a neon yellow string bikini. The swimsuit included a triangle top with flirty lettuce trim. The top’s tiny cups clung to Bru’s curvaceous chest. Her matching bottoms also featured frilly edges, along with a scrunched thong back that left little of her pert posterior to the imagination. Bru wore the bottoms’ thin side ties secured in knots instead of bows. The ends of the strings were adorned with gold hardware that glittered in the sun.

Bru was giving her glutes, quads, and hamstrings a workout by holding her body in the squat position. She made this exercise substantially more difficult by supporting the weight of her sister. Bru was clasping each of her own forearms with the opposite hand, and Pietra was working an entirely different muscle group by using Bru’s arms like a pull-up bar.

Pietra’s body was positioned between Bru’s spread legs. She kept her bare feet flat on the ground as she pulled her chin up above Bru’s arms and lowered herself back down. The exercise was so challenging that Pietra had to let her mostly-bare derrière hit the rough concrete after a few reps. However, she pulled herself back up to finish doing a set of 10 pull-ups.

Pietra was wearing a mismatched two-piece that included a pair of tiny white thong bottoms and a yellow bandeau top with scallop edges, eyelet cutouts, and a knotted detail in the center of the bust.

Bru and Pietra’s workout video has earned over 79,000 likes since it was initially uploaded to Bru’s Instagram account. The model’s followers also took to the comments section of her post to share their thoughts about the sisters’ sweat session.

“Awesome Fitness Team!!” read one response to the clip.

“Talk about exercise motivation!” another admirer wrote.

“Creative,” a third comment read.

Bru and Pietra’s sexy display of strength also earned them many wordless combinations of flexed bicep and flame emoji. However, the sisters don’t have to be working out to wow their fans. A photo of the models posing topless in scanty bikini bottoms recently proved to be a huge hit with Bru’s Instagram followers.