Valerie Cossette Shows Off Incredible Curves In A Lace-Up Bodysuit

Fans of Valerie Cossette were treated to an eyeful of curves on Thursday, as the Canadian beauty took to Instagram to share a tantalizing full-body selfie that perfectly showed off her stunning figure. Snapped at home, the photo showed the gorgeous brunette posing on the floor in front of a large mirror that captured her curvaceous body in all of its splendor. Valerie put on a display as she sat down on a shaggy throw rug, stretching out her toned legs in the foreground of the shot. Her hourglass frame was also admirably showcased, as the tattooed model rocked a form-fitting outfit that highlighted all of her voluptuous assets.

The Fashion Nova ambassador looked incredible in a floral bodysuit from the popular brand — a classy number that was just as elegant as it was revealing. The low-cut one-piece was a vintage-gray color covered in numerous full-bloom roses in complementing pastel-pink and soft green tones. The chic palette looked flattering against her fair skin and emphasized her long, raven tresses, which Valerie wore down for the shot. Her sleek mane was parted in the center and brushed over her back and shoulder, draping down her perky bust.

The sleeveless bodysuit left her impressive arm and shoulder ink well within eyesight for her audience to admire. Her thigh tattoo was also on display, as the outfit had no trouble showing off her round hips and sexy legs thanks to its high cut. The one-piece was cinched with a wide, white lace waistband that accentuated her lithe midsection, adding sophistication to the look. A matching lace-up panel decorated the plunging neckline, showing a tantalizing glimpse of her shapely chest.

The Bang Energy model wasn't looking at her reflection, gazing into the screen with a coquettish smile that didn't escape fans' attention, becoming the topic of several of the gushing comments that quickly piled up under her post.

"Nice picture of you. Sweet smile," wrote one person.

"Theres [sic] that beautiful smile I was talking about," penned a second Instagrammer, who added a halo emoji.

Valerie's followers seemed ecstatic about this latest update, rewarding the selfie with upwards of 46,600 likes and a little shy of 600 comments. Fellow models flocked to the comments section to praise the brunette for her look, leaving sweet messages of appreciation.

"Beautiful," remarked Aussie tattoo model Vicky Aisha, adding a two-hearts emoji.

Too Hot to Handle star Francesca Farago chimed in with five lovestruck emoji. YouTuber and TV personality Jenny Frankhauser commented a fire emoji. Fashion Nova left four sparkling-heart emoji under the photo.

While many of her admirers may have found it difficult to take their eyes off of Valerie's killer curves, some noticed the beautiful setting as well. The selfie offered a peek at her dining and living room area — a familiar sight for those who regularly follow Valerie on Instagram. The stylish décor featured a beige sofa casually adorned with throw pillows and a faux-fur blanket. A round dining table surrounded by sumptuous, dark wood chairs were visible in the background, and a flower vase decorated the tabletop.

"Im [sic] digging that throw on the couch... dope ones are hard to find..." noted one person, ending with a fire emoji.