Tammy Hembrow Goes Pantsless In Racy New Photos

Tammy Hembrow poses for a photo on the red carpet.
Jono Searle / Getty Images

Tammy Hembrow added a sexy series of snaps to her Instagram feed that showed her clad in nothing but a pink top. The April 8 upload showcased the model’s toned figure to perfection while delighting her army of 11.1 million fans.

The Australian model, who recently sported a scandalous set of blue panties, added a series of five photos and one video while asking her followers what they wish for. Three of the images saw her sitting on a plush Hello Kitty chair in her room while gazing into the camera. Hembrow used a massive mirror to help her take the perfect shot, and behind her was a vanity with a TV hanging above it. She did not explicitly use a geotag in the post, but she appeared to be posing in her bedroom at home in Australia.

Hembrow’s lazy day at home called for a skimpy outfit that included a long-sleeved pink top that popped against her tanned skin. The shirt had a comic-like graphic on her chest and on either side of her arms, and it did not expose much skin other than a small portion of her neck. She rested her head in one hand and held her cell phone in the other. Her top was rolled on the side, exposing a hint of black ink on her hip.

Hembrow opted to go pantsless, giving viewers a good look at her muscular quads and calves. The mother-of-two added her usual glam with defined brows, winged eyeliner, and a fierce application of blush and highlighter. To round off the look, she put a light pink gloss on her lips, accentuating her plump pout. She kept her hair out of her face by styling her long blond tresses in tight French braids.

The next few photos in the set showed Hembrow clad in the same attire. Her later uploads included two pictures and one video of the supermoon.

Fans were not shy when it came to showing the update a ton of love, showering it with over 52,000 likes and 280 comments within a few minutes. Most of them commented on her bombshell body while many others raved over the moon.

“You’re verrrry beautiful sweetheart,” one fan gushed, adding several heart and heart-eyes emoji.

“Sooooo cute!! I love this picture. I am your biggest fan,” a second follower pointed out, also dropping a few flame emoji.

“Love and Happiness in both my work and personal relationships, truly dually blessed,” another Instagram user commented, answering the question in Hembrow’s caption.