WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Reportedly Only Person In Company Who Wanted ‘WrestleMania 36’ To Go Ahead

Vince McMahon appears on WWE television with money in his hand

When it comes to decision making in WWE, there is one person who has final say and that’s Vince McMahon. While other sporting events have been canceled around the world as a result of the coronavirus — including this year’s Olympics in Tokyo — WWE has continued to put on shows, and that’s because McMahon hasn’t been willing to let the company enter a hiatus period.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, by the way of WrestleTalk, McMahon is the only person in WWE who wanted WrestleMania 36 to go ahead. While the company’s biggest pay-per-view of the year has already been pre-taped in the Performance Center and won’t feature a live crowd — in an effort to prevent the virus from spreading — there has been some debate as to whether the event should be happening at all. McMahon wasn’t willing to listen to opposing opinions, though, according to the report.

“I can confirm after speaking to dozens of people in the company, I’m talking wrestlers, behind the scenes people, whatever, there is only one person who felt that they should have went forward with WrestleMania and that’s why they’re going forward with WrestleMania and that’s Vince.”

WWE isn’t the only wrestling company to continue putting on shows as normal, however. All Elite Wrestling is still airing weekly episodes of Dynamite in an empty Daily’s Place amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida, so it’s clear that the sports entertainment industry isn’t following the example led by the NFL, NBA, and even the XFL, the latter of which McMahon also owns.

Of course, McMahon’s decision hasn’t surprised many people. According to Hall of Famer Mark Henry, per WrestlingNews.co, the chairman probably sees the pandemic as some form of competition and he won’t be willing to let it ruin the company’s plans.

WWE also isn’t forcing superstars to travel for upcoming shows. Roman Reigns, Dana Brooke, and Rey Mysterio have decided to quarantine themselves until the pandemic is under control, and more superstars will likely do the same moving forward.

However, the situation has reportedly led to problems backstage among superstars who did decide to travel to the Performance Center to film WrestleMania. As The Inquisitr reported earlier, The Miz has been withdrawn from the card due to illness, after showing up displaying symptoms and angering some of his colleagues.

While the superstar hasn’t tested positive for COVID-19, his appearance has led to some criticism of the performer and the company for putting other employees in danger.