WWE News: Superstar Discusses Positive LGBTQ Storyline That Almost Happened

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Sonya Deville’s sexuality is rarely acknowledged on WWE television, but she wants it to factor into a future storyline. During a recent interview with Uproxx, the Friday Night SmackDown superstar discussed plans for positive LGBTQ representation on WWE television, and that could include a relationship storyline with her friend and tag team partner, Mandy Rose.

During the interview, Deville revealed that there were plans to feature her and Rose in a romantic storyline. However, the idea was put on hold after WWE opted for another LGBTQ storyline, which involved Liv Morgan returning to Monday Night Raw and declaring her love for Lana while she was trying to marry Bobby Lashley after leaving Rusev.

According to Deville, the Lana and Morgan storyline caused her and Rose to be “monetarily” upset, but she hasn’t ruled out resurrecting it down the line.

“It was something that we really pushed for. But never say never. And I think that it’s definitely still a possibility that it will or could happen in the future. And I think representation in different storylines and stuff like that, is awesome. I think it’s good. There’s a lot of different ways you can do it. There’s not just one way to do it and it’s not just Mandy and I that have to do it.”

Deville went on to say that they worked with GLAAD to make sure that the storyline was sensitive, and the organization was more than happy to help them write and direct the angle. She also revealed that she’d like to see more positive LGBTQ storylines across the board, as they haven’t been common in WWE throughout the years.

Deville also said that inclusive storylines don’t have to be “long and drawn out.” She believes that if they were naturally included without too much of a fuss being made about it. She cited Lana and Rusev as an example, as everyone knew they’d been dating for years, but their relationship didn’t become central to a storyline until recently.

Deville is a breakthrough superstar for LGBTQ representation in WWE. She came out on Tough Enough prior to being given a full-time contract by the company. While other members of the LGBTQ community have been a part of the company in the past, they didn’t open up about it until later on.

Since then, several superstars of a similar persuasion have joined the company, and WWE is reportedly far more inclusive than it used to be.