Bella Hadid Goes Topless While She Hangs Out With A Burrito

On Friday, Bella Hadid showed up on Instagram to instruct her millions of followers to stay inside while the pandemic known as COVID-19 continues to put the general public at risk.

As she gave these important orders, the 23-year-old supermodel rocked a baseball cap, hoop earrings, comfy pants, and black sneakers. She munched on a burrito while going topless for her selfie in a lovely room decorated by a potted tree and a bunch of pink roses in a white vase.

Bella sat on the floor opposite a comfortable chair as she blocked her upper body with one hand, allowing some sideboob and underboob to remain revealed. In her other hand, she held her cell phone and snapped the shutter while facing a giant mirror framed by decorative gold painted wood.

The star's long caption gave her social media fans a number of ideas regarding what to do to pass the time until it is safe to go outside. One thought was to take up knitting. Another was to tie-die a pair of socks. Bella also suggested meditation, bonding with a pet, and getting acquainted with your rising sign.

She also emphasized that now is not the time to be selfish because "all we have to do is work together to slow down this virus."

Bella's instructive and somewhat quirky Instagram post was very popular with many of her 29.2 million followers. Within less than an hour, the supermodel's update was liked nearly 273,000 times, including one like from singer-songwriter Billie Eilish.

Meanwhile, more than 1,500 followers commented on the post. Some used emoji -- including blue hearts, black hearts, red hearts, heart-eye faces, strong arms, and lip prints -- to express themselves.

Others wrote out their thoughts.

"If Bella tells you to stay inside you stay inside," stated one fan.

"Love u so much!! stay healthy," insisted a second Instagram user, who added a red heart emoji.

"I've never wanted to be a burrito till now," insisted a third admirer.

"I love you my Libra sister," remarked a fourth follower.

Bella does not typically wear casual attire at home when she is captured in a photograph meant for the masses. Indeed, while pursuing her job as a supermodel, the lanky beauty typically poses in lavish outfits as she takes long strides down a sartorial runway.

For instance, in February, the world-renowned mannequin was pictured on a Milanese catwalk with a floor made of mirrors, according to The Inquisitr.

While a giant chandelier hung over her as she strutted down the exotic runway, Baroque music played in the background. The formal atmosphere had been provided for the Moschino fashion show in which Bella rocked noteworthy, Marie Antoinette-inspired frocks designed by the remarkable Jeremy Scott.