Kash Doll Poses Nude In A Champagne Bubble Bath In Honor Of Her Birthday

Rapper Kash Doll is celebrating her birthday by posting nude photos of herself in a bathtub on Instagram for her fans to see.

The "For Everybody" performer turned 28 years old on Friday, March 13. In honor of another year around the sun, Kash Doll showed off her stunning physique to her 4.5 million Instagram followers.

In the first photo of the Instagram slideshow, Kash Doll was in a small white bathtub as she posed for the camera. Her naked body was covered in bubbles as she looked intensely at the camera. The rapper turned her body to one side as she held one hand on the edge of the tub. Someone off-camera continued to pour champagne into the tub.

Her followers could see that while Kash Doll isn't wearing any clothes, she was wearing an extravagant gold watch. Her hair was also wet and wavy in the photo and covered the front half of her body.

For the second photo, Kash Doll gave her fans a closer view of her face and gorgeous skin. As several bottles of champagne served as her backdrop, Kash Doll was looking at the camera once again and was giving a serious face. She had one hand on the bathtub while the other was stretched out across her breasts. Her leg was also poking out through the champagne bubbles in the steamy post.

The third photo of the slideshow showed the full view of Kash Doll's body and her bubble bath. In the post, she was making sure her body parts were covered as she relaxed in the tub. Her eyes were closed as she soaked in the ambiance of her bathroom.

For her fourth photo, the "Doin Too Much" artist was gorgeous as she looked back at the camera. Her fans could also see her intricate tattoo on the right side of her back. In the final photo of the slideshow, Kash Doll was relaxing in the bathtub while enjoying a glass of champagne.

Kash Doll's steamy Instagram posts left several of her fans wanting more from the artist. She received multiple comments just hours after sharing with her fans.

"I'll drink yo bath water, dish water, all types a Waters... I'll drink all yo Waters," a fan wrote.

"Break Instagram why don't you," another music lover chimed in.

"All of a sudden I'm pregnant," a third follower shared.

"Who don't love a champagne shower? Yikes," a fourth admirer wrote, followed by a heart emoji.

Kash Doll has plenty to celebrate for her birthday this year. Following collaborations with artists like Iggy Azalea last year, the Detroit native has a new album out and a new single. According to Uproxx, she released a single in February called "Wake Up," which is said to motivate her fans to never stop working hard. The track has gone viral on TikTok, as it inspired its own challenge on the popular app.