Donald Trump Rages At Barack Obama For Delaying Coronavirus Response

President Donald Trump took to Twitter early Friday morning to attack former President Barack Obama for complicating the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) response to the coronavirus pandemic.

As NBC News reports, Trump claimed that the lack of available tests that his administration has been criticized for is due to steps Obama took during his tenure in office. He claimed that the CDC under Obama studied test kits but failed to act.

"For decades the @CDCgov looked at, and studied, its testing system, but did nothing about it. It would always be inadequate and slow for a large scale pandemic, but a pandemic would never happen, they hoped. President Obama made changes that only complicated things further....." he began.

He then went on to say that the issue had been resolved and the testing kits would soon be available.

".... Their response to H1N1 Swine flu was a full scale disaster, with thousands dying, and nothing meaningful done to fix the testing problem, until now. The changes have been made and testing will soon happen on a very large scale basis. All Red Tape has been cut, ready to go!"

As of Thursday, the CDC revealed that it had fewer than 10,000 test kits for the virus available, despite the fact that the COVID-19 disease has been a public health risk since January.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci admitted on Thursday that the U.S. system had failed.

"That is a failing. Let's admit it," he said.

Test kits in the U.S. were delayed initially because they were faulty, requiring the CDC to re-release them, which took some time. The CDC also put out strict guidelines for who could be tested, which slowed the ability to determine where the disease was spreading. Both issues, some experts argue, allowed the disease to gain traction in the United States.

The president has been accused of delaying coronavirus testing because it could look bad for him politically if the number of people infected in the country was higher, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Dan Diamond, a reporter for Politico, said that Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar advised Trump in January to take aggressive action on the disease, but Trump chose not to act because he didn't want to jeopardize his re-election chances.

The Trump administration has also taken heat for cutting funding for the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018, a step that may have contributed to the delayed response to the growing pandemic.