Australian Hottie Gabby Epstein Poses Completely Nude While Sitting Poolside

Australian babe Gabby Epstein gave her fans a fantastic gift on Thursday. The blond bombshell posed completely nude while sitting poolside and shared the photo on her Instagram. She covered her breasts with her hand and kept her legs close together to keep the photo Instagram-friendly.

Gabby didn't say where she was located for the photo, but it appeared to be a resort of some kind. The stunner perched on top of a large wooden table. Behind her, a gorgeous still pool was visible along with several palm trees. A mountain range was also seen along the horizon, beneath a baby blue sky filled with thin wisps of clouds. She credited her fellow model and close friend Madison Louch for photographing her.

The beauty didn't wear any clothing at all and chose only one accessory -- a large floppy sunhat. Gabby's hat dropped down in the front, completely hiding her face from view. She seemed to have tucked her blond hair up into a bun.

To pose for the image, Gabby folded one of her hands across her chest to hide her nipples from view while still managing to flaunt her underboob and cleavage. The hottie also put her long and taut torso on display. Without any clothes on, Gabby's flawless hourglass figure was exposed, as well as her curvy waist and full hips. She carefully crossed her legs to prevent her nether regions from being spotted by the camera.

Within six hours of going live, Gabby's post earned more than 78,000 likes and almost 800 comments. Fans flocked to her comments section to fawn over the image and praised her for her impeccable physique. A few people even said they were saving the pic to make it their new phone background.

Several of Gabby's famous pals also liked and commented on the image, including Rachel Cook, Carmella Rose, Rachel Tee Tyler, Tallia Storm, Jess Hunt, Casey Boonstra, Mathilde Tantot and Celeste Bright.

"GABBY THIS IS STUNNING!!!!!!" exclaimed fellow model Fiona Barron.

"You are masterpiece of pure beauty," gushed one admirer.

"Good morning! You're a visionary of perfection," wrote another fan, adding two heart eyes emoji to their remark.

"Omgggg u r a Queen," chimed in a third person.

"R u kiddin me gabby??? Pleaaaseeee," praised a fourth user.

On Thursday, Gabby shared a sexy pic of herself in the tiniest of pink bikinis. The swimsuit showed off her ample bust, and her panties left very little to the imagination.