Anita Herbert Shows Off Incredible Bod In Tiny Black Bikini & Poses With Her Dog On Instagram

Anita Herbert shared a new eye-catching Instagram snap today as she rocked a tiny black bikini and showed off her incredibly fit body. The stunner posed with her cute and small dog named Fig and accompanied the photo with a long caption about their story.

The stunner posed outside on a patio with glass railings, holding Fig in her right hand and giving him a kiss. She propped out her right foot and left her other hand by her side, glancing at the camera and exuding a playful vibe.

The model's top was very small, so much so that a hint of her underboob could be seen. Her bottoms were equally revealing, with a small piece of fabric censoring her figure and thin side ties that rested high on her hips. Her chiseled abs were hard to miss and the side of her bare booty was also visible.

Anita wore her hair down and brushed in front of her left shoulder, with the longest pieces reaching her waist. Her makeup application included shimmery peach eyeshadow and dark lashes. Additionally, she sported a white manicure with a blue design on it.

The model's dog looked quite happy in the photo and gazed into the distance. Notably, he wore a blue feathery hair accessory that matched the ocean below.

Behind Anita was a scenic view of the shoreline in Miami Beach, Florida, that included multiple buildings lining the street. The snap was taken on a cloudy day, and the visible stretch of the beach looked deserted.

Anita's fans took to the comments section to rave over the photo, although many people couldn't help but respond to her caption.

"I have a little yorki myself and I feel The same," wrote an admirer.

"I think it's normal You look sooooooo gorgeous," gushed a second social media user.

"I don't even have a dog, and I love them more than people," responded a follower.

"Totally there with you sis! The most pure kind of love from these innocent little creatures," wrote a supporter.

In addition, Anita posted another swimwear pic four days ago, that time rocking a mismatched bikini. She stood on a patch of lawn by the beach, holding a bottle with her left hand and playing with her hair with her right hand. The model wore a bright orange top with a square cutout in the center, allowing her to flaunt her cleavage. She paired it with black thong bottoms with tassel side ties and completed her look with a black baseball hat.