February 6, 2020
Pregnant Fitness Model Hanna Oberg Works Her Legs And Glutes In Gray Leggings For New Video

Pregnant fitness model Hanna Oberg trained her legs and glutes in the most recent video series on her Instagram page. Dressed in a white sports bra, gray leggings, and white sneakers, the brunette mom-to-be started the workout with a series of leg presses, placing her feet in a wide stance on the machine as she bent and extended her legs.

Sumo squats at the Smith machine followed. These required a wide stance as well, as Hanna stood with a barbell on her shoulders. The third video saw her tackle a set of dumbbell lunges. She did a variation on the standard version of the exercise by choosing to elevate one foot on a low stool as she completed her reps.

Hanna lunged low during the video, placing most of her weight on the front foot before she stood up again. In the caption, the Dutch fitness model warned her pregnant fans that if they felt any pain while trying this exercise then they should skip it.

Hannah elevated her heels on a barbell plate for the "duck stance" squats that came next. For this exercise, she also held a dumbbell in front of her chest as she performed each repetition.

In the next video. Hannah knocked out a set of stiff-leg deadlifts before ending the workout in the following clip with a series of dumbbell box step ups.

As of this writing, the post has been viewed over 30,000 times, and close to 400 Instagram users have commented on it. In the comments section, fans seemed in awe of Hanna's physical fitness.

"I didn't even look this good AFTER any one of my 4 pregnancies," one person wrote.

Others thanked her for the workout inspiration.

"Well thank you girl!!" a second person added. "Because I'm sitting outside the gym scrolling through your account deciding which workout to do and you posted this one soooo this one it is, lol."

"I am currently in week 26 with baby number three and you inspire me all day every," a fellow pregnant person wrote. "You look amazing, my number three 26 week bump is about the size of your 38-week haha!"

And another set of commenters seemed very excited about Hanna's upcoming birth.

"I've been following you and I can't wait to see you're baby!" a fourth commenter wrote. "Every day I come to see if by any chance..."

This isn't the first time that Hanna has shared a lower body workout during her pregnancy. In a previous video series, she demonstrated exercises meant to specifically activate the glutes. On that occasion, the circuit included frog pumps, elevated hip raises, and cable kickbacks.

As of this writing, the upload has been liked over 30,000 times, and more than 300 Instagram users have commented on it.