January 27, 2020
Sofia Vergara Takes On The Dolly Parton Challenge With A Bikini And A Puppet

Sofia Vergara is one of the latest celebrities to take part in the Dolly Parton Challenge. The viral social media challenge took the internet by storm after Dolly introduced the fun concept to her Instagram followers, and Sofia's fans think that the Modern Family star nailed it.

The challenge calls for Instagram users to create a collage using four photos that would make fitting profile pictures for four different popular social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. For her LinkedIn photo, Sofia didn't go with a professional headshot. Instead, she chose a photo that looked like a still from a Modern Family episode. She was pictured rocking a stylish cream-colored trench coat and standing in a parking lot. Sofia had a somewhat exasperated look on her face.

For her Facebook entry, Sofia picked a throwback photo of the fictional family that she's been a part of for years on Modern Family. She was pictured in character as Gloria Pritchett, who was rocking a blue leopard-print top. She was standing next to Jay (Ed O'Neill), who was clad in a red velour tracksuit with white accents on the sleeves. The television couple's son Manny (Rico Rodriguez) was standing in front of them. He was wearing a pale pink polo shirt.

Sofia's Instagram entry gave a nod to the site's users, many of whom love sharing photos of their food with their followers. She was pictured in a kitchen cooking up a pot of queso. In her Tinder photo, Sofia was rocking a white bikini. She was also sporting a white sash, and she was holding a puppet. Her felt friend looked like a grumpy little old man with exceptionally angry eyebrows.

Sofia's Tinder photo appeared in an episode of Modern Family. Her sash is cut off, but it read "Miss Barranquilla" in the full image. As reported by ABC News, Barranquilla, Colombia is Sofia's hometown in real life, and it got a shout-out in the 2012 Modern Family episode "Yard Sale." As reported by Entertainment Weekly, it was revealed that Gloria was once a beauty queen who did a ventriloquist act for the talent portions of the pageants she competed in. Her dummy's name was Uncle Grumpy.

Sofia's Instagram followers rewarded her attempt at Dolly's social media challenge with over 40,000 likes in the span of two hours. They also took to the comments section of her post to share their thoughts on her photo choices.

"Gloria married her puppet!!!" observed one fan.

"LinkedIn is the best," another commenter opined.

"Love your sense of humour, thank you," a third admirer wrote.

"You can tell she's a comedian from this alone because she has sooo many other fitting pictures would 'fit' the ideal alone," read another response to Sofia's post. "I love this."