Kelly Clarkson Shares Sweet Holiday Tradition On Instagram

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Kelly Clarkson shared a sweet holiday tradition with her Instagram followers. For the post, the talk show host and The Voice coach was seen creating a gingerbread house with a hilarious twist.

In the fun clip shared to the social media page for The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer is seen decorating the sweet Christmas confection using tiny hands.

Tiny hands are a gag gift. They are miniaturized versions of a full-sized palm that fit on one finger of each hand. Users generally take photos with them and attempt to do challenges while using them. These ultra-realistic mini-props are hilarious and a fun way to surprise people.

In the fun clip, Kelly is seen with the components of what she needs to make her gingerbread home beautiful, including the dwelling, lots of icing, candy, and other sweet treats to decorate the object and bring it to life.

Kelly explained to her followers that since the internet is “super weird” and she couldn’t do this the “normal way,” she would attempt to decorate the house with the aforementioned tiny hands attached to her index fingers.

Kelly is seen in the clip below attempting to put the icing on the home, commenting that she has “super-strong” fingers and that the entire process was hard. She then added colorful candy accents and attempted to knead fondant to add a heart to the front door, using the gag gift only to secure the objects to her home.

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Chaos ensues ????????

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It was when she tried to pour sprinkles over the top to finish off the home that the video truly became a laugh a minute with an expletive and subsequent “oops” from Kelly.

In the video, Kelly is seen wearing a festive, shiny red blouse with gold button accents on the sleeves and a blue apron with the name of her show written across the front. Kelly finished off her look with oversized gold hoop earrings and red lipstick. Her hair worn long and loose down her back.

The set behind her was decorated with colorful strands of red, green, and white garland made to look like candy.

Fans joined in the fun, leaving commentary regarding the clip in the comments section alongside the post. Some viewers were so into the content of the post they had a running debate where they tried to figure out which gingerbread home Kelly was decorating. It was later determined among fans it was one that honored the Disney movie Frozen.

“This was the most hilarious thing to watch…THANK YOU,” said one fan of the multi-talented celebrity host.

“Funny as anything! Can you be my BFF??” remarked another viewer of the daily syndicated talk show.

“Gosh, I just adore you!! Thank you for the smile!!” said a third fan of Kelly.

This aforementioned content, as well as other fun videos and behind-the-scenes escapades, can be seen on the official Instagram page for The Kelly Clarkson Show.