Jenna Jameson Uses Swimsuit Photo To Announce She’s Returned To Keto After 20-Pound Weight Gain

Rob KimGetty Images

Jenna Jameson has announced that she’s gone back to following a keto diet. The former adult film actress shared the news with her close to 500,000 Instagram followers in a recent post in which she’s pictured from behind while wearing a flattering strapless one-piece swimsuit in Hawaii. She sat with her feet in a pool in the shared snapshot, and she wore her wet bleach-blond hair loose, as she soaked up the sun.

“Update on #keto… I’m back on track and I’m taking you on my journey!” she wrote in the caption.

In the comments section of the post, Jenna’s followers shared lots of support for her return to the popular high-fat, low-carb diet. Several commenters also shared that they were keto adherents and some even admitted that they had started the diet because of Jenna.

“That’s exciting.. when I first started my keto journey I followed you.. you were a role model for me and still are,” one fan wrote.

“Great news! Looking forward to more inspiration, tips and recipes. Keep up the good work!!” a second admirer added.

“Know that you inspire all of us women whether keto (been keto since April), being a mom, or just a woman in general! We support you!” a third commenter wrote.

Others told Jenna that she looks great whether she’s on keto or off of it.

“You’re looking gorgeous keto or no keto. But you must do what will make you happy. Enjoy that beautiful eternal summer,” they wrote.

The news comes just four days after Jenna’s revelation that she had gained 20 pounds after a temporary return to eating carbs. Jenna said that she gained weight quickly after she started deviating from keto’s guidelines. She went on to add that she’d found the keto difficult to keep up with after a year and a half, a sentiment she said was shared by lots of people who had quit.

The post has racked up close to 20,000 likes and close to 3,500 people have commented on it.

Jenna first hinted that she had fallen off the keto wagon in July. In the caption of the lengthy Instagram post, she talked about losing control and “eating like a crazed banshee.” But Jenna also discussed that she planned to resurrect her motivation for keto by focusing on what compelled her to start the diet in the first place, a desire to be the healthiest version of herself. The post has been liked more than 20,000 times since it was uploaded earlier this year.