DreamDoll Rocks A Thong Under Sheer Tight Dress On Instagram

DreamDoll wears a sequin outfit.
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

DreamDoll shared a new Instagram post a day ago, which showed her rocking a thong under a sheer dress. The update consisted of three photos, as the rapper posed by an elaborate Christmas tree. The white dress had a high collar and long sleeves, allowing the entire ensemble to snugly fit her every curve. The back of the outfit featured a large cutout, with a small dip on her lower back, while its fabric shined in the light and was completely see-through. However, she managed to censor her chest as she also posed in a pair of white lace thong bottoms that drew attention to her derriere.

The stunner opted for long blond hair for the photos, while the brightest pop of color came thanks to her hot pink manicure. She also wore glossy, deep red lipstick and long lashes.

The first photo showed DreamDoll posing with her left shoulder facing the camera as she propped out her left foot. She raised her hands into the air and looked over to the camera with a sultry expression on her face.

The second photo was from a similar angle, except the “Everything Nice” rapper was raising her right hand to an ornament, looking at her hands while tilting her chin up. And finally, the last photo showed her posing while facing the camera straight-on. She raised her left hand and played with her hair while placing her other hand on her hips.

The bombshell was seen standing next to a large Christmas tree. It was decorated with mostly white-and-silver ornaments, with some pops of red color throughout. There were also silver ribbons, white roses, and sparkling white lights. Beside the tree was the fireplace, which was decorated with a wreath and a garland.

Fans gushed about the new photos in the comments section.

“Can we trade bodies? I’m shaped like the iPhone 11 I’m getting for Christmas,” joked a follower.

Others focused on her hair.

“I missssssed blonde dream,” wrote an admirer.

“Blonde you is the best you,” expressed a third Instagram user.

“‘Tis’ the season to be ballinnnnnn,” said a fan.

Previously, the rapper shared another update where she rocked a sheer outfit. This time, though, she left little to the imagination as she didn’t wear a bra or pasties. The dress she wore was light peach with lace accents on the hem. In that snap, DreamDoll rocked an eye-catching, metallic eyeshadow with dark blush and glossy lipstick. She struck several sultry poses, showing off her exposed chest and hourglass figure.