Aubrey O’Day Leaves Half Her Booty Exposed In Tiniest Skirt On Instagram

Jason KempinGetty Images

Aubrey O’Day shared a sultry new photo on Instagram on Friday, which showed her rocking the tiniest mini skirt. The skirt was so small, in fact, that the bottom half of her booty was left exposed. It appeared to be made of latex, as it hugged her tightly and shined in the light. It featured a high waist. But that wasn’t all, as the Danity Kane singer went topless too and posed with her back angled towards the camera. In addition, she sported black stockings, which covered her legs but left her derriere bare.

The stunner wore her hair pulled back, although her bun or ponytail was nowhere to be seen. She also rocked heavy makeup. This included dark purple eyeshadow, which she used to accentuate her upper and lower lids. Plus, Aubrey wore light pink and glossy lipstick. She pursed her lips for the shot and glanced at the camera with a coy expression on her face. The only visible accessory was a choker-style necklace. It was gold and featured a large buckle.

She managed to censor her look by hugging her chest with her right arm while placing her left hand by the nape of her neck. Even so, a bit of her sideboob peeked through. In addition, her text tattoo on her right ribs was clearly visible.

The update was a video, with a firework GIF on the upper right corner of the frame. The backdrop was white with black ink splotches throughout.

Aubrey’s fans left a variety of messages in the comments section. There were many people who took note of her booty and complimented her curves. Others found different ways to send their love.

“FML…call the fire department,” wrote a follower.

“Too gorgeous,” wrote a fan.

“You look pretty,” said an admirer.

“You should do a calendar,” suggested a fourth Instagram user.

Celebrities that usually offer calendars tend to be models rather than musicians, but perhaps she will release one in the future.

Last month, Aubrey showed off her derriere, except in a different context. She was spotted this time in a pair of purple, sheer bottoms and a black bikini top. The photo was all about her booty, however, as she was seen straddling a chair while facing her back to the camera. The singer arched her back slightly to accentuate her curves and glanced over her right shoulder. Her makeup included purple lipstick, while she accessorized with extra-large, hoop earrings.