Texan Smokeshow Hope Beel Shows Off Toned Physique In Sports Bra And Biker Shorts At The Gym

Hope Beel Instagram

Hope Beel is working on her fitness in the latest video on her Instagram page and looking great while doing so. In the shared clip, the Texas-born model struts into the gym rocking a black sports bra and biker shorts emblazoned with the logo of the post’s sponsor, Bang Energy, a company known for its fitness energy drinks. With her dark brown hair in a low ponytail, Hope proceeds to train her upper body at a weight machine. Later, she’s captured doing a set of lunges right before the video ends.

Throughout the video, the workout footage is intercut with clips of Bang Energy’s Pre-Workout supplement, Master Blaster. At one point in the video, Hope pours a cup of the powder into a water bottle and shakes it while doing a goofy dance. Closeups on the product’s container reveal that she’s using Master Blaster’s lemon drop flavor.

In the comments, Hope’s fans seemed more focused on complimenting the model than discussing the benefits of the energy supplement.

“You’re sexy and beautiful babe and pretty too,” one infatuated fan wrote. ” I love you so much and you look amazing babe.”

“Very beautiful,” another admirer added.

The clip even inspired a wedding proposal.

“Will you marry me, beautiful,” the commenter asked.

“Such confidence and beauty,” a fourth fan wrote.

Hope has shared clips of herself working out at the gym before. In a previous Instagram post, she’s seen working out at the rowing machine before moving on to some more heart rate accelerating cardio on a stationary bike. Later she does some jump squats, ending the clip with a set of assisted pull-ups. That video was also sponsored by Bang Energy. In it, she’s promoting their protein energy bar, Zero Impact.

That clip has been watched more than 20,000 times. And, just like in her most recent post, Hope’s fans flooded the comments section with compliments.

The model is also known for showing off the gains that she’s earned in the gym via the plethora of bikini photos on her Instagram page. In one of her more recent posts, she’s sporting a black bikini with a floral pattern. Her hair is in a half-up ponytail leaving the rest of her tresses to hang past her shoulders in flowing curls. According to the post’s geo-tag, the photo was taken in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The post has amassed over 24,000 likes and more than 250 comments.