'World's Sexiest Nurse' Lauren Drain Squats Low With Heavy Barbell While Pregnant In New Workout Video

Lauren Drain is showing that pregnant women can lift too with the newest video on her Instagram page. In the clip, the fitness model and registered nurse drops into some extremely low squats, all while holding a heavy barbell above her head.

In the video, Lauren is dressed in a sports bra and a pair of biker shorts, while wearing her golden blond hair in a high ponytail. Although the exercise appears strenuous, Lauren smiles at the camera when she's done.

"Pregnancy is not a disability," she wrote in the caption. "We are strong, we are capable, we are resilient, beautiful & empowering."

Also in the caption, Lauren revealed that she had done warmups to prepare herself for the video. She also said that she started off with a 65-pound weight before moving on to the 75-pound barbell.

Lauren's fans cheered her on in the comments.

"You are my serious hero for this babe! Taking a stand against pregnancy myths saying you're NOT allowed to lift more than 8-10lbs, love it!!" one fan wrote.

"Really proud of you that you kept yourself in such a great shape during pregnancy," another said. "See a lot of women who see it as an escape and stop doing anything. Love it. Hope to be as motivated"

Lauren replied, saying that her main focus is staying healthy for herself and her child but admitted that she has "weak moments as well."

Other Instagram users speculated that the exercise would make delivery easier for Lauren.

"Your birth will be pretty easy with those low squats," one fan wrote. "They truly help that's for sure. Open those hips momma."

One fan even joked that the squats would induce labor.

"You're going to squat one time too many and your baby is going to say 'Hi Mom'" they wrote.

This isn't the first time that Lauren has posted a video of herself working out while pregnant.

In a video she uploaded on October 17, she was lifting much lighter weights and demonstrating a wider range of exercises all while showing off her belly below an emerald green sports bra and matching leggings. It was a full-body workout that included squats, lunges and other exercises. In the clip caption, she explained that it was an example of a high-intensity interval training and that it lasted for 35-45 minutes.

The clip has been watched over 116,000 times since the day it was posted.