Matthew Perry Looks Rough In New Photos Captured After An Outing In West Hollywood

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Former Friends star Matthew Perry was spotted out-and-about looking rather rough and disheveled this past weekend. The 50-year-old actor has generated numerous headlines over the past year or two after similar sightings, and it looks as if fans are worried about him.

According to Page Six, Perry was photographed Sunday night in Los Angeles. He was wearing an unbuttoned plaid shirt over a white V-neck shirt along with dark pants and sneakers. Perry’s clothing seemed to hang loosely on his frame, and he appeared to be unshaven.

It seems that Perry had been spotted having dinner with an unnamed friend, and they were photographed as they left the restaurant. As the two stood outdoors, he smoked a cigarette as his gal pal chatted with him.

Perry’s brunette acquaintance smiled at one point as she talked with the Friends star, and she frequently reached out to touch his arm. It looks as if the two perhaps were holding hands or had locked their elbows together as they started walking away from the restaurant.

According to InTouch, Perry and the mystery woman were seen at Hollywood’s Dan Tana’s. Some outlets seem to be referencing this outing as a date, although little is known about the outing other than the fact that Perry and the unnamed brunette seemed to be on friendly terms.

Perry tends to fly under the radar these days, for the most part, staying away from most public events. The Friends veteran does have a Twitter page that he posts on at times. However, it looks as if there had been a gap from mid-September until this past weekend.

In his last tweet, which was posted on Saturday, November 2, Perry pondered whether or not it’s a compliment when someone asks if you’ve had any work done. He has 1.44 million followers on Twitter who continue to be interested in the actor’s endeavors despite the personal difficulties he’s navigated over the years.

Not only has Perry stayed away from public events and laid low on social media, he seemingly hasn’t tackled any acting projects in a while. According to his IMDb page, the last acting gig he had was in 2017. This was for the television mini-series titled The Kennedys After Camelot, in which he played Ted Kennedy.

A couple of months ago, reports detailed that Perry had been hospitalized for several months after having surgery for a gastrointestinal perforation. Supposedly, once he was released from the hospital, he tended to stay cooped up in his penthouse and left only for doctor’s appointments or to get cigarettes.

This new spotting of the Friends star in Los Angeles is only the latest in a string of sightings in which Matthew Perry has looked rather disheveled. Fans are hoping that he’s doing alright, despite looking rather rough, and many will be watching his Twitter page to see if he shares any updates about how he’s doing these days.