Hilde Osland Gives Fans Sexy Selfie, But They Want To See More

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Blond bombshell Hilde Osland is known for her beachside photos in which she flaunts her incredible figure from all angles. In her latest update, the beauty posted a series of bathroom selfies that showed off some of her curves in a tight bodysuit, but it left some of her fans wanting to see more.

As she so often does, Hilde gives her fans full views of her body from all sides. Many of her posts include a front view, several side views, and one or two nice views of her derrière. While the photos in her recent post showed her looking hot from the front, many fans were left wanting to see what the back of the outfit looked like on her.

Two of the snaps were similar in that they showed Hilde posing in front of the mirror adjusting her necklace. With one hip out to the side, she showed off her curves. The remaining snap captured Hilde in a pose that showed a little bit more of the side of her hip, but apparently that was not enough for some fans.

One follower asked Hilde where the booty pic of the outfit was.

“Turn around. lol,” a second fan joked.

Two other admirers told Hilde that they would have loved to see her rear end in the post.

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There can be no denying that Hilde does her fair share of flaunting her booty on Instagram. In fact, some of her posts are nothing but snaps of her backside in either a revealing bathing suit or incredibly tight clothing. As The Inquisitr recently reported, Hilde posted a shot of her derrière in a pair of ripped jeans. One of her more popular posts in the past few months was a video that showed her wearing a skintight dress as she walked up a flight of stairs.

Hilde might be known for looking good on social media, but she is known for other things as well — she can also sing and play the guitar. Several years ago, she competed in Norway Idol. She didn’t win the competition, but the experience gave her some exposure and might have helped launch her online presence. Since competing in the talent show and becoming an Instagram sensation, Hilde has uploaded a few videos that show her singing and playing.

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