Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez Rocks Nothing But A Thong While Covered In Gold Body Paint

Suzy CortezInstagram

Suzy Cortez has delivered an eye-popping Instagram update. Miss BumBum is known for showcasing her famous asset over on her social media, with the star’s 2 million followers appearing to await her every post.

Today didn’t show Suzy bare-bootied with roller skates, but it didn’t deprive the star’s followers of that famous booty, either.

Suzy’s photo caught the eye from the get-go. The Brazilian had been photographed in a sensational way, with Suzy seen posing with her back to the camera and completely covered in gold body paint. The only clothing item she wore was a tiny thong, with fans seeing Suzy’s muscular and curvy rear, plus her overall strong physique. Suzy was turning her head to the camera, so while the photo didn’t show the star’s body from the front, it still showed her face. The star was seen holding a gold soccer ball and wearing a gold headpiece. In short, everything today was matching.

Suzy appeared with her long and highlighted blond hair worn down and cascading down her back, although eyes were likely on the paint-covered body. A caption from Suzy mentioned Lionel Messi: Suzy is a huge admirer of the Argentinian soccer star and even has a tattoo of his last name on her buttock.

Suzy’s Instagram does seem heavily geared towards showcasing the rear that’s made her so famous. The star also appears to have acquired another win since being crowned Miss BumBum back in 2015. Suzy recently won Miss BumBum World 2019 in Mexico, with plentiful updates from the event on her social media.

Suzy’s physique seems to be about more than just that booty, though. The brunette harnesses an impressive amount of muscle, with built thighs and calves, rock-hard abs, plus defined arms. Suzy is also known to flash that sexy cleavage, with many an Instagram update showing the model and social media sensation in a bikini. Most recently, those bikinis have come with an accessory: the Miss BumBum World 2019 sash has been one that Suzy has worn proudly.

Suzy is one of Instagram’s busier models. While other stars will wait up to two or three days to post an update, Suzy seems to feel that regular updates are the way to go: the star can sometimes post three or four times in one day, although her fans don’t seem to mind. In fact, it looks like followers of the star’s account love each update.

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