Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Shows Off Insanely Toned Abs In Purple Bikini, Fans Are Loving It

Ainsley Rodriguez Instagram

Latina fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez, who has 1.9 million Instagram followers, has turned up the heat on the social media platform with her latest photo.

In the snap, the brunette beauty rocks a skimpy purple bikini that shows off her extremely toned six-pack as she lounges near a pool. She accessorized her look with a pair of sunglasses, a drink in one hand and her radiant smile. She appears to be lying on her side on a day bed that perfectly matches her bathing suit.

Ainsley, who’s known for sharing fitness advice on her page, used the caption of this post to discuss alcohol and its impact on the body. She shared advice for people who want to drink but still keep their calories down.

“The cals in drinks add up quick when you’re ordering piña coladas and margaritas so just try to stay away from those or limit them to 1/day and opt for mixing your drinks with soda water & lime or fresh muddled cucumber instead!” she suggested

In the caption, she also revealed that she likes to drink tequila neat because it leaves her “feeling good and not crappy the next day.”

In the comments, some fans shared their opinions about her drink of choice.

“Tequila makes you feel not crappy the next day? Means you aren’t drinking enough! JK, enjoy!” one fan quipped.

“Tequila my type of drink,” another wrote

Others couldn’t help but comment on her physical beauty.

“My stunning goddess,” one admirer wrote.

“You are absolutely gorgeous,” another added. “That smile!!!”

In her last Instagram update, Ainsley revealed that she was on a short vacation in Mexico. Although she is on a work break, it’s clear that she’s still got her followers in mind. In her previous update, in which she is rocking a plunging black crop top and a flowing maxi skirt, Ainsley mentioned that she would be having steak for dinner at a resort while she included tips for healthy eating out in her Instagram stories.

When she isn’t on vacation, Ainsley is usually sharing inspirational workout videos. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she recently shared a clip in which she was going through a series of exercises in a gym and looking amazing while doing them. At one point, she was lifting weights then she was boxing. Later, she was lifting battle ropes. For an added dose of fitspiration, her workout clips were intercut with footage of her in wearing a green bikini near a shoreline.

“You have the power to take control and it all starts with your mind,” she wrote in the caption.

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