October 9, 2019
Dove Cameron Exposes Chest In Open Robe On Instagram

Dove Cameron has just shared a stunning and somewhat revealing social media update. The Descendants actress and singer has tipped her hat toward the latter two career paths this week, with promotion for her new "Bloodshot" song going strong over on her Instagram. Dove's social media updates do seem to be packing a punch these days -- earlier this year Dove thrilled her Instagram followers with a photo of herself rocking icy-pink hair and Gucci shoes with a Starbucks drink.

The video posted to Dove's account was an artsy, black-and-white clip. The blonde had even mentioned having traveled all the way to Italy to film the video in her caption. Dove was seen looking goddess-like and ethereal as the video opened up, the actress throwing her head back with her eyes closed. Music was playing as Dove was shot from various angles on an archway balcony, with the star looking incredible in a barely-there robe that afforded an open feel, exposing a bit of her chest. Dove markedly flashed her cleavage, but it wasn't overdone, as her video manifested impeccable class.

Dove wasn't going full bombshell in the video, but fans would likely agree that she wasn't far off. The star even made some stunning eye contact to really connect with her viewers.

Dove may appear to have a carefree life, but things haven't always been so easy for the former Disney star. She previously suffered from an eating disorder, although the star now seems to have fully recovered. The matter was, however, one that Dove was willing to mention in an interview with the Evening Standard earlier this year.

"I was a mess, miserable, crying every night, not eating, so anorexic because all I wanted was approval. I was just so sad, truly sad," the actress said about her teenage years.

The interview also saw Dove reveal some alarming details about her early life.

"I started in therapy when I was about eight, after my best friend was murdered by her own father," she stated.

Dove's career seems to have taken off in every way possible. Alongside her acting credits, the star is a recording artist and a stage actress. Dove has also been snapped up by automotive giant Fiat as an endorser, with the star seen giggling on one of the company's cars in an Instagram post shared earlier this year.

Dove's fans are likely hugely pumped that there's some new music. Fans wishing to catch the next update go live from the Descendants star should follow her Instagram.