Another Duggar Pregnancy? Why Do The Duggars Keep Having Kids?

another duggar pregnancy

In my nearly four years of writing for The Inquisitr, “Another Duggar Pregnancy” may just be the most commonly registered headline I’ve typed aside from “Lindsay Lohan Arrested Again” or “Republicans Block Obama [Thing.]”

And like the change of seasons, John Boehner’s tears or nonsensical statements from Ted Nugent’s mouth, it seems “Another Duggar Baby” is the headline that just. Keeps. Coming. Hey, at least they’re in the news for something nice. Babies! Everyone loves babies. It’s another reason why “bump watch” (ew) is one of our most commonly covered topics.

But why is there always another Duggar pregnancy? It’s not just Jim Bob and Michelle cranking them out — now the babies are starting to have babies, and the parents to several babies and toddlers are now grandparents to three babies by one of their sons in just three years.

That the older Duggars are now procreating is not shocking nor even worrisome — the family openly embraces the Quiverfull ideology, something of a feminism “counter” that in part seeks to shake off the whole women’s lib thing. And there is something seemingly wholesome and nearly enviable about the idea of simply dedicating one’s life to such a pursuit, right?

However, news of another Duggar pregnancy is not always good. Michelle Duggar recently had a late miscarriage as well as a severely premature baby, likely due to her advanced age as well as the number of babies she’s had. (The couple in part blame an early Duggar miscarriage on Michelle’s use of the pill.)

Certainly such an event is upsetting enough to possibly frighten a misinformed woman away from birth control. But others have posited another, more interesting theory for the constant news of another Duggar pregnancy — is the whole process addictive?

In a previous article about pregnancy addiction, Woman’s Health Magspoke with several experts who explain part of the potential pathos behind another Duggar baby. Beverly Hills psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, MD, told the mag that women “who are obsessed with being pregnant are literally filling an emptiness inside of them, just as alcoholics and drug addicts use substances to fill a psychological void.”

duggar family miscarriage

New York family therapist Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph. D adds that many moms “want to have a purpose in this world” and “want to feel less lonely.” But is that all there is to it? Weil also tells the mag (which paraphrases) that “Mother Nature prods us by making sex and its aftermath feel amazing,” and that “oxytocin, the so-called ‘cuddle’ hormone that promotes bonding, floods women’s bodies during intercourse, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.”

Weil adds, “[The pregnancy feeling] is like a love drug … A baby-love drug.”

Do you think, now that their kids are having kids, another Duggar pregnancy will continue to be news for years to come?