Carrie Underwood Drops Jaws In Glitter Minidress Flaunting Killer Legs

Carrie Underwood's "Cry Pretty 360" has definitely delivered some epic vocals. Then again, the 36-year-old's tour seems to have been making just as many headlines for her wardrobe choices. The American Idol winner -- who once humbly auditioned in front of Simon Cowell -- is now herself a superstar, with demand for her performances appearing to have no limits. Carrie's stage looks made The Inquisitr's headlines just yesterday as the blonde belted out numbers in a red minidress, but this star knows how to switch it up.

Last night saw Carrie wowing crowds in Kansas City. A social media post marking the event landed on the singer's Instagram shortly after she performed, although images of the glitter minidress she wore appeared with more clarity over on Sprint Center's Instagram.

The photos showed Carrie owning the stage in a look that's fast becoming her trademark. Those dresses are short and glittery, but something about them seems to suit this mother of two's sensational figure just perfectly. The opening image showed Carrie's wraparound-style and periwinkle-blue dress from a distance, but a swipe to the third image brought out the style with better clarity. Here, fans saw a stunning long-sleeved finish, a slight asymmetric detail at the leg, and just how sparkly the dress actually was. The blonde's pins were looking rock-hard, with a pair of matching sparkly booties accentuating them.

Beady-eyed fans following Carrie's Instagram will have spotted that the as-yet-unseen dress made an appearance in the series of images she posted. While the looks on the star's update included some ensembles that have already been donned, it did seem that her fans had spotted last night's new dress.

"LOVE THE NEW BLUE DRESS," one fan wrote with an alien emoji.

Plenty of other comments came in to the star's own social media post.

"Best show ever," another fan wrote.

It seemed that many users taking to the comment section had personally attended the concert.

"Thank you Carrie for a beautiful evening. Your show was absolutely amazing and meeting you was such a blessing. Have a safe trip to your next show...," a third follower wrote.

"First time seeing you in concert and you were absolutely amazing!! Your vocals were breathtaking. Thank you for a great evening," a fourth user commented.

"Beautiful and those legs are amazing," a fifth fan gushed, honing in on those pins.

Carrie does, indeed, seem to have carved out a unique stage look. While Ariana Grande goes for slouchy sweaters and over-the-knee boots and Miley Cyrus wears her sheer crop tops, Carrie is the queen of glitter dresses.

Fans wishing to see more of the singer can follow her Instagram.