Kelly Clarkson's 'Dear Netflix' Rant To 'Save 'Lucifer" Has Instagram In Meltdown

Social media rants aren't just for the likes of Cardi B. Singer and Kelly Clarkson has taken to Instagram to voice her thoughts in somewhat of a rant. The 37-year-old took to the platform yesterday with a very dedicated video. The result seems to have sent the platform into meltdown, with comments seeing fans go absolutely nuts.

Kelly's video came in simple and close-up format. The star of The Kelly Clarkson Show spoke into the camera to announce that she'd been a little late on discovering Netflix show Lucifer. She pointed out that a family member had recommended that she give the series a go, although, with her busy career and kids, Kelly admitted that getting to watching the show had taken a while. Regardless, the star found that she quickly adored it.

But the video she posted was to send a different message.

Kelly discovered that there won't be much more of Lucifer, with her reaction seeming to be immense sadness. In fact, Kelly admitted to being "mad" about the show being canceled. The star then used hashtags in her caption to directly address Netflix, alongside what appeared to be an attempt to get social media to get the show's name trending in a "[saving]" way.

The response appears to have been immense.

"DEAD THANK YOU again for your video this morn! It seriously MADE.MY.YEAR," was the most upvoted comment, with over 1,200 users liking the comment.

"Lucifer is the best show ever made!!" also proved popular, with over 220 likes.

"Never thought I could love you more and then you posted this," one fan told the star.

Many other responses came in suggesting that Kelly had delivered a spot-on update, with fans of the Netflix series appearing to come out in full force.

"Yes save Lucifer, it's a good show. Needs to come back," one user stated with two heart emoji.

"Clarkson gets it," another said.

Remarks also saw users moan about other shows that have been canceled, although responses equally brought out comments praising Kelly for her beauty and on-point makeup. The video hadn't showcased the star's outfit, but it had definitely seen her rosy-red lips make an appearance.

"I must know: what lipstick are you wearing? It's so pretty," one fan told the star.

The video itself proved popular overall, racking up over 82,000 likes. Over 2,500 comments were left.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Kelly had her fans in total meltdown without taking to video format: here, the star had posed with Hoda Kotb while promoting her new show.

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