Kristina Romanova Debuts Baby Bump In Crop Top & Bikini Bottoms

Kristina Romanova shared the news of her second pregnancy earlier today on Instagram. Up until that point, there wasn't much indication, if any, that the model was pregnant. Although she didn't specify the baby's due date, it looks like she's fairly well along the path of motherhood, based on the size of her stomach.

The model shared the happy news by sharing three photos, two which were in black-and-white, and one in color.

The first black-and-white photo of the series showed Kristina posing outdoors. She wore a loose, long-sleeved top that she tied in the front for a cropped look. The model completed her look with a pair of bikini bottoms. This ensemble left her baby bump in full view.

Romanova held her stomach with her hands as she looked to the left of the camera. She also wore her hair down, which she slicked back.

The color photo in the series saw Romanova standing in water that reached her upper thighs. It was also possible to see that the shirt she wore was white, with a light peach design. She cradled her stomach again and looked straight at the camera.

Many of the model's fans were happy to hear the news and left their congratulatory messages in the comments section.

"Congrats baby my favorite time on my life was when I was growing Jett in me," said a fan, referring to their child.

"I am so happy for you, I wish you all the happiness and health and love from my heart...," said another fan.

"I hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy and delivery," commented a follower.

But that wasn't all, as some noted that this is her second child.

"This is crazy. I can't believe you're having another baby.???? I hope it comes out soon. @krissroma," said a follower.

"Aww I kinda knew from your previous posts that's a baby bump. You're glowing! Congrats to your growing family," said another follower.

And this isn't to mention the final photo of the set. Kristina stood in the water again, except this time, she faced the camera diagonally in the black-and-white shot. The model placed her hands behind her back as she appeared to be mid-stretch.

Kristina smiled widely for the shot as her prominent belly stole the show.

Fans can hope for more baby news in the following weeks. Considering the model finally went public with the news, there's a good possibility that more updates are coming soon.