September 9, 2019
Lisa Rinna Defends Ridiculed Swimsuit Dancing To LL Cool J: 'You Are All So Easy'

Lisa Rinna hasn't let the recent social media storm she caused slide. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's raunchy swimsuit dancing to rapper LL Cool J caused quite an outburst yesterday. The Inquisitr documented that fans ridiculed the 56-year-old for various reasons – by and large, fans appeared to be either bored with Lisa's repeated swimsuit jam-outs or embarrassed on her behalf.

Lisa has clapped back. Her comment didn't come as a reply to anyone – rather, it came as standalone one.

"Again I love how this just p*sses you unhappy people off. You are all so easy."
Lisa used three alien emoji to accompany the words that racked up a pretty impressive number of likes: over 1,690 were clocked in just under 24 hours. Of course, Lisa wading into her own post launched a response, with over 104 users replying to her statement.

"@lisarinna haters will hate. Keep showing love and joy," one fan wrote.

Since The Inquistr's report, it also appears that Lisa has garnered some celebrity responses to her video.

"I luv u my friend," commented Denise Richards.

"Bring those moves to the catwalk!" was a note left by supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Cindy's words seem to have been a little bit of a prophecy: following the swimsuit jamming to LL Cool J, Lisa posted an Instagram video of herself strutting the New York Fashion Week runway. The sizzling footage showed Lisa showcasing her fierce body in a black and laced-up swimsuit paired with high heels and a silky, robe-like jacket worn open.

Of course, Lisa's original post had hinted that she was going to make a New York Fashion Week appearance, but fans had yet to see it. The video posted just under 20 hours ago has now racked up over 435,000 views and brought in over 1,700 comments. This time, there didn't seem to be any slamming. Lisa was told that she looked fantastic, and fans appeared to love the whole thing.Lisa's swimwear updates have been slammed before. Earlier this year, a fan appeared to directly accuse Lisa of somehow causing daughter Amelia Gray's anorexia, per The Inquisitr.

"Ur so obsessed with your body, do u ever wonder why ur sweet daughter has an eating disorder?" the fan had asked.

This post also saw Lisa clap back as she said that she was "comfortable" with her body. She also added that she was feeling "sorry" that the user had this opinion of her.

Clearly, this reality face isn't prepared to let Instagram bring her down. Fans wishing to see more of Lisa should follow her social media accounts.