Donna D'Errico Sends Instagram Into Overdrive With Nude Snap

Kim Smith

Actress Donna D'Errico sent her Instagram fans into a frenzy when she shared a nude photo of herself on Thursday. The Baywatch star said in the post's caption that she was sharing the photo in honor of the show's 30th anniversary this month.

In the snap, D'Errico was fully nude laying on her stomach on the hood of a yellow truck — presumably, the truck used while filming the popular series in the '90s. The blond beauty's knees were bent and her feet were in the air, with her iconic red bathing suit hanging around one of her toes.

With a slightly arched inner back, D'Errico flaunted her booty. Her bronze skin glowed in the sun as the ocean could be seen in the background. With her arms over her head resting on the hood, D'Errico had a content look on her face as she gazed at the camera. The sexy photo was dated from 1996, but that didn't seem to matter to her fans.

"Oh lord have mercy on my soul. Stunning then stunning now x," one fan wrote.

"Beautiful, classy, confident, on fire," another follower said.

One admirer told the actress that she was and would "always be the hottest Baywatch girl."

"Bay-what? They should have called it Donna-watch because you were the reason everyone watched," said another fan.

One fan said the snap was "too hot for words," while another told the beauty that she made his head spin.

"Ah memories of the first time seeing you on this show! Still gorgeous," one follower wrote.

"I think I just had a mild heart attack," one fan joked.

"Crazy thing is that you can't tell if this is a throwback photo or one taken today!" one follower said.

But it appears that the work was definitely worth it, as the former Baywatch star doesn't look much different than she did in 1996.

Fans can keep up with the actress by following her Instagram account.