Spice Girls' Geri Halliwell, 47, Drops Jaws In White Swimsuit Showing Mind-Blowing Body

It looks like age is nothing but a number for Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell. The 47-year-old always did have a super-fit frame – clearly, Ginger Spice has kept her muscular body up. The British singer recently took to Instagram with a swimwear update that kept things simple, but there was no denying that Geri was looking incredible.

Earlier today, Geri updated her Instagram. The photo showed the famous redhead aboard a yacht – while the setting was glam, Geri herself was looking relatively low-frills. With nothing but the singer lounging in front of a stunning ocean horizon, fans likely had no choice but to gawk at Geri's summer-ready body.

The photo showed Geri rocking a white, one-piece swimsuit. The look wasn't particularly cut-out or curve-flaunting, but it showcased the muscle machine that Geri is. The star's defined biceps and sculpted shoulders were on show, with a similar deal going on with her toned legs. Geri isn't often going to be seen with a tan – given that the singer is known for her porcelain skin and red hair, fans are likely used to seeing Geri without a bronzed look, though. Geri was photographed semi-smiling as she looked into the distance, with a peaceful expression suggesting that she was in her happy place. A quick glance at the caption seemed to confirm this was the status quo.

As the Daily Mail reported, Geri's fans have been going nuts for more than just her swimsuit body, though. The reclining yacht picture appeared to replicate the video of "Mi Chico Latino" released by the singer 20 years ago. Geri may best be associated with the Spice Girls -- a group that dominated the '90s -- but her solo career remains noteworthy.Geri's update today definitely received some comments over how great she looked, though.

"Absolutely beautiful. You really are a great example that being a Mummy and over 40 doesn't mean unfit and frumpy," one fan wrote.

"Wait for it they gonna moan as always Geri look great in white," another said.

"Like a Greek god," read another comment.

The update also proved to be popular overall, racking up over 12,000 likes in the space of six hours.

When it comes to body talk, Geri has been an open book. The star wrote an autobiography detailing the eating disorders that she had suffered, with fans learning that Geri suffered from both bulimia and anorexia. Times seem much better for Geri now, though. The star is also a mother and happily married to husband Christian Horner.

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